Boost your online store’s credibility with Magento Modules

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Today, when we walk on streets, drive a car, sitting somewhere in the park, flying high in the skies or whatever, there is something that most of us would like to use any time anywhere. It’s the amazing world of Internet. People like to dig this cave more and more to discover more glamour. One of its immensely thrilling feature is how it has remodeled the way of our shopping that we do often.  It’s almost the same excitement that we can get while walking by huge shopping malls and for some people even more than this.

This trend has given rise to gigantic eCommerce industry where numerous eCommerce platforms have been developed to provide rich and pleasurable online shopping experience to customers.  Each eVendor will look for the best model it can use to grab more customers and get more sales. One of the biggest challenges for them is to have customer’s trust in them because only the web interface serves the purpose of trust measurement. The probability for customers to ignore any rugged place or item in a physical store is higher than what can be on online store. Therefore little things do matter whether they are about design or functionality.

More and more vendors are adopting Magento as an eCommerce solution for their online store. Magento is a rock solid, stable and feature rich platform which provides tremendous amount of flexibility in developing custom designs to enhance the look of your store and at the same time develop amazing Magento modules to extend its functionality the way it can satisfy potential and repeating customers.  When we talk about functionality, the first and the foremost thing to consider is costumer’s communication. Customer’s satisfaction lies around the way they can communicate with you and your site. In case they require any information or they find themselves struck somewhere, how would they figure out the answers and solutions?

To solve this problem from the root Magento provides you with great Plugins developed by expert coders for example Advance FAQ Management, Advance Testimonials and Help desk Magento extensions. Advance FAQ Management lets you add FAQ in a unique way to your store which is completely hassle free and enjoyable experience. How? It is not about just adding a question and answer as typically but you can create categories and then create topics under them, choose your desired category and topic which will be displayed on your landing page, select multiple templates for FAQ page, rate FAQs, choose Accordion style navigation and many more configuration settings to allow you complete freedom on giving your customers unimaginable browsing experience.

This is the first step of building your online store’s credibility ant that is “keep your customers happy”. Without this most of your efforts might not work well. Another wonderful Magento extension to push up your store’s credibility is Custom Stock Label. This extension allows you to run marketing campaigns such as “Get 50% off on purchasing more than 2 products” in a very influential way and that is by putting these labels right where they should be on your product pages. The more stronger marketing strategy you use, more vibrant your store looks to your customers.

There are plenty of amazing Magento modules that can be used to build up your online store in a perfect manner. Visit FME store to find out more and bring your dreams come true……..


Overcoming Limitations with Magento Modules

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Having an online store that gives you an optimized performance is something highly desired. Setting up your eCommerce store with Open Cart, osCommerce or Magento is not as much harder as it is to maintain them after they have been setup. The first question you would come up is where and how to get your platform hosted? What are the optimal requirements? Each platform has its requirements to keep itself alive. Depending upon several factors like the initial investment you can made, the volume of your business, the features you are looking to have, you will going to choose a specific platform for your business.

Nothing is excluded from the pros and cons, similarly each platform has its own. Magento is the latest eCommerce platform which basically is the cream of the crop.  It incorporates features which other platforms lacked and the closest companion to it is osCommerce. Let’s see how Magento can be better than other old platforms. First of all as being a new solution, it must have more features than others, more robust, more scalable, less error prone and so and so. For example, Magento has advanced SEO features such as tools for Meta tags and URLs, which are absent in osCommerce and VirtueMart. Support for PayPal pro is available in Magento but absent in osCommerce, VirtueMart. One step checkout is possible in Magento but not in other platforms except X-Cart. X-Cart takes extra money to provide multi-store capability which by default Magento does provide. Magento also provides tier pricing, database upload from multiple sources like CSV, Excel etc. in improved manner which many others do not.

These are some the features which takes Magento ahead of others. Before you hook up your store with Magento now, let us discuss few more things. Magento eliminates the complications that were involved in other platforms when developing and incorporating add-ons and design changes but it introduces some of its own. First of all development in Magento requires advance coding skills. It requires understanding of its deep folder hierarchy. This is the prerequisite that is required to overcome the downsides of Magento by developing Magento Modules . Next comes the voice of gaping mouths regretting slower response time of Magento. There are lots of efficient magento extensions available in the market which focuses on enhancing individual aspects of Magento like One Step Checkout, CSV Based Pricing, Advance Sitemap and SEO Suite, M-Ajax, FME Home Tabs and many more.

Similarly to ease the administration for your online store you will find great Magento Modules such as Shop by Manufacturers by FME, Help Desk professional, Google Maps Store Locater, FAQ Management etc. All these Magento extensions provide efficient solutions to the default Magento behavior. Developing and customizing these modules is a key to eliminate the shortcoming of Magento whether they are related to speed, management or whatever. Magento experts are all around to cater these solutions and make your store an efficient one………

Basics of Developing Magento Module


Magento doesn’t require words for appreciation just pull out the records and check how many online stores are using Magento. Magento indeed has brought sweeping changes to the market. It is a culmination of all the great features of other online shopping carts including those which other lacks.

Once you have setup an online store, things doesn’t stop there. You will find amazing Magento modules to enhance the functionality of your site. You will find lot of flexibility in developing Magento Modules or in case you would like to customize existing ones. But at the same time this development requires advance programming skills. Today we’ll shed some light on the very basics of Magento development.

Magneto introduces object oriented approach in using PHP as programming language to develop highly scalable and optimized Magento Modules. It requires MySQL to be used for database. Familiarity with XML is a must to have because most of the configuration in development involves playing around with XML. Next thing you should know is the MVC (Model View Controller) approach. PHP uses MVC as its framework by default. Let us clarify this with the help of an example. A site visitor requests certain information about the product on your Magento site. This request [URL] is taken by the controller class which basically coordinates the processing of this request.

Controllers use models to bring any information against any product from the database. Once the information has been fetched by the model, controller will pass that information to the View object that will be responsible of rendering it to the layouts. Let us get some brief insight of how this stuff actually works. Suppose you have the following URL,

What happens when this URL is entered, function defined in a controller class ABC within a module ABC will be called.  This process is called dispatching whereas breaking up of URL into module, controller and function is called routing. One of the fantastic features of Magento is that it allows you to develop your own modules without changing its core files. Whenever you are developing a new plugin you need to create your own module within which all the relevant files will be placed for it e.g. Helpers, Controllers, Blocks, Observers etc.

In order to get your new module recognized by Magento there is a XML based configuration file called config.xml for each module that will define configuration for each model, controller, event etc. to be used in your module. Any Magento function that will serve for general purpose and is not restraint to any particular class is defined in Helper classes. As the name suggests they contain utility methods that will assist you throughout the program.

Now that you have created your module with required controller classes, models, blocks, layouts along with the configuration we are yet left with something highly desirable in most situations. Guess what! You are probably right if your answer is “Handling Events”. When a user login or logoff, clicks on any text or visits any page you can define many event handlers in your config.xml file called observers. Furthermore functions that should be executed can be defined in those handlers……

Innovative Magento Solutions


Climbing the heights of difficulties and achieving the targets will not be a dream anymore. With Magento as your eCommerce solution you have plenty of options to drive your business towards success. Setting up an online store breaks the geographical boundaries and the visitors that reach your site are from around the globe with different mind sets, languages etc. When dealing with this situation, store owners must try to facilitate customers belonging to different region in a best possible way which their customers expect from them. Therefore innovations are inevitable to bring vigorous solutions to both customers and store owners.

Think about you have an online Magento store and now you want to allow your products to be visible only to specific countries. It means you would like to limit the access of your site to some countries for example, you do not want to let your competitors in your country view your products for any reason. In this case you would like to block your products for your country so that they are not visible to anyone and hence cannot be copied. Magento by default does not provide this functionality. So what would you do then? This is a very valid scenario that required an appropriate solution. Now with the help of powerful and scalable Magento features, we have a perfect solution for this problem already available in the Magento stores.

Let’s see another scenario where you have an online store and you host products having varying dimensions. What this means is that while customers are purchasing a product they can specify a size e.g. if you are selling fabric then customers can chose their desired size. This functionality also by default is not present in Magento. This is another valid scenario which required a proper solution and its solution is already available in Magento stores.

Sometimes the solutions are not limited to the functionality but to the design. Suppose you want to host fascinating jewelry on your site, you would not opt for a plain and pale design that lacks attractiveness required to grab the attention of customers. Magento lets you create aesthetically sound and breath taking frontend templates for your store.  There are dozens of free Magento themes available in the market to try on.  These are just few among the various other great innovative ideas that have been brought to implementation. No matter if it is about Magento Extensions/Plugins or Modules, each day brings new stunning ideas which drive your business towards something you have been looking for…..

Place to find Magento Plugins and Extensions

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If you happen to host an online store based on Magento or you are someone trying to setup a new Magento store and looking for answers to your questions such as will it solve all your problems or does it provide features and functionality that you are looking for? Well, the answer is simply “big Yes”. Now that you have chosen Magento because of its robust and rich eCommerce features, you might get well satisfied with the amazing Magento Extensions that have been produced by the Magento community…

From help desk to extremely complicated tier pricing solutions, there isn’t any corner that cannot be reached. Day by day more and more Magento plugins are being developed to provide added functionality that you might be looking for. To give you an example Google Maps-Store Locator Magento extension developed by FME incorporates Google Maps on your site which not only lets your customers be aware of your store locations nearest to them through the map but is an incredible way of promoting your business. It solves the problems of your customers who find your services the best. Now wherever they are, they can easily get to know nearest branch location of your store…

If you think you need any customization with any extension, you surely can have it with the help of good Magento developers. Most Magento development companies do provide other services besides premade Magento extensions among which FME has been the leading one. As per our client reviews, FME provides Magento extensions’ and themes’ customization with great expertise and great support. It has incomparable list of plugins which perfectly solves your problems. We would highly recommend those who require long-term and robust solutions for their online store to visit FME store…..