Climbing the heights of difficulties and achieving the targets will not be a dream anymore. With Magento as your eCommerce solution you have plenty of options to drive your business towards success. Setting up an online store breaks the geographical boundaries and the visitors that reach your site are from around the globe with different mind sets, languages etc. When dealing with this situation, store owners must try to facilitate customers belonging to different region in a best possible way which their customers expect from them. Therefore innovations are inevitable to bring vigorous solutions to both customers and store owners.

Think about you have an online Magento store and now you want to allow your products to be visible only to specific countries. It means you would like to limit the access of your site to some countries for example, you do not want to let your competitors in your country view your products for any reason. In this case you would like to block your products for your country so that they are not visible to anyone and hence cannot be copied. Magento by default does not provide this functionality. So what would you do then? This is a very valid scenario that required an appropriate solution. Now with the help of powerful and scalable Magento features, we have a perfect solution for this problem already available in the Magento stores.

Let’s see another scenario where you have an online store and you host products having varying dimensions. What this means is that while customers are purchasing a product they can specify a size e.g. if you are selling fabric then customers can chose their desired size. This functionality also by default is not present in Magento. This is another valid scenario which required a proper solution and its solution is already available in Magento stores.

Sometimes the solutions are not limited to the functionality but to the design. Suppose you want to host fascinating jewelry on your site, you would not opt for a plain and pale design that lacks attractiveness required to grab the attention of customers. Magento lets you create aesthetically sound and breath taking frontend templates for your store.  There are dozens of free Magento themes available in the market to try on.  These are just few among the various other great innovative ideas that have been brought to implementation. No matter if it is about Magento Extensions/Plugins or Modules, each day brings new stunning ideas which drive your business towards something you have been looking for…..