Having an online store that gives you an optimized performance is something highly desired. Setting up your eCommerce store with Open Cart, osCommerce or Magento is not as much harder as it is to maintain them after they have been setup. The first question you would come up is where and how to get your platform hosted? What are the optimal requirements? Each platform has its requirements to keep itself alive. Depending upon several factors like the initial investment you can made, the volume of your business, the features you are looking to have, you will going to choose a specific platform for your business.

Nothing is excluded from the pros and cons, similarly each platform has its own. Magento is the latest eCommerce platform which basically is the cream of the crop.  It incorporates features which other platforms lacked and the closest companion to it is osCommerce. Let’s see how Magento can be better than other old platforms. First of all as being a new solution, it must have more features than others, more robust, more scalable, less error prone and so and so. For example, Magento has advanced SEO features such as tools for Meta tags and URLs, which are absent in osCommerce and VirtueMart. Support for PayPal pro is available in Magento but absent in osCommerce, VirtueMart. One step checkout is possible in Magento but not in other platforms except X-Cart. X-Cart takes extra money to provide multi-store capability which by default Magento does provide. Magento also provides tier pricing, database upload from multiple sources like CSV, Excel etc. in improved manner which many others do not.

These are some the features which takes Magento ahead of others. Before you hook up your store with Magento now, let us discuss few more things. Magento eliminates the complications that were involved in other platforms when developing and incorporating add-ons and design changes but it introduces some of its own. First of all development in Magento requires advance coding skills. It requires understanding of its deep folder hierarchy. This is the prerequisite that is required to overcome the downsides of Magento by developing Magento Modules . Next comes the voice of gaping mouths regretting slower response time of Magento. There are lots of efficient magento extensions available in the market which focuses on enhancing individual aspects of Magento like One Step Checkout, CSV Based Pricing, Advance Sitemap and SEO Suite, M-Ajax, FME Home Tabs and many more.

Similarly to ease the administration for your online store you will find great Magento Modules such as Shop by Manufacturers by FME, Help Desk professional, Google Maps Store Locater, FAQ Management etc. All these Magento extensions provide efficient solutions to the default Magento behavior. Developing and customizing these modules is a key to eliminate the shortcoming of Magento whether they are related to speed, management or whatever. Magento experts are all around to cater these solutions and make your store an efficient one………