Today, when we walk on streets, drive a car, sitting somewhere in the park, flying high in the skies or whatever, there is something that most of us would like to use any time anywhere. It’s the amazing world of Internet. People like to dig this cave more and more to discover more glamour. One of its immensely thrilling feature is how it has remodeled the way of our shopping that we do often.  It’s almost the same excitement that we can get while walking by huge shopping malls and for some people even more than this.

This trend has given rise to gigantic eCommerce industry where numerous eCommerce platforms have been developed to provide rich and pleasurable online shopping experience to customers.  Each eVendor will look for the best model it can use to grab more customers and get more sales. One of the biggest challenges for them is to have customer’s trust in them because only the web interface serves the purpose of trust measurement. The probability for customers to ignore any rugged place or item in a physical store is higher than what can be on online store. Therefore little things do matter whether they are about design or functionality.

More and more vendors are adopting Magento as an eCommerce solution for their online store. Magento is a rock solid, stable and feature rich platform which provides tremendous amount of flexibility in developing custom designs to enhance the look of your store and at the same time develop amazing Magento modules to extend its functionality the way it can satisfy potential and repeating customers.  When we talk about functionality, the first and the foremost thing to consider is costumer’s communication. Customer’s satisfaction lies around the way they can communicate with you and your site. In case they require any information or they find themselves struck somewhere, how would they figure out the answers and solutions?

To solve this problem from the root Magento provides you with great Plugins developed by expert coders for example Advance FAQ Management, Advance Testimonials and Help desk Magento extensions. Advance FAQ Management lets you add FAQ in a unique way to your store which is completely hassle free and enjoyable experience. How? It is not about just adding a question and answer as typically but you can create categories and then create topics under them, choose your desired category and topic which will be displayed on your landing page, select multiple templates for FAQ page, rate FAQs, choose Accordion style navigation and many more configuration settings to allow you complete freedom on giving your customers unimaginable browsing experience.

This is the first step of building your online store’s credibility ant that is “keep your customers happy”. Without this most of your efforts might not work well. Another wonderful Magento extension to push up your store’s credibility is Custom Stock Label. This extension allows you to run marketing campaigns such as “Get 50% off on purchasing more than 2 products” in a very influential way and that is by putting these labels right where they should be on your product pages. The more stronger marketing strategy you use, more vibrant your store looks to your customers.

There are plenty of amazing Magento modules that can be used to build up your online store in a perfect manner. Visit FME store to find out more and bring your dreams come true……..