Increase your traffic with Photo Gallery Magento Plugins

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While driving you might see sign boards at the corner of streets communicating you about what action you need to take next. Interesting point is that most of these sign boards are just images, use of textual information is very little.  Images can reveal the information which text cannot. By using images you are able to express emotions, ideas which are difficult otherwise.  Similarly if your website does not have high class images in place, the chances are most people would not like to visit it again.  Whether it is a blog, press release or anything else, use of multimedia is vital.


Especially if you are planning to build an eCommerce site, you main goal is to attract more customers and it can’t be achieved without putting multimedia affects in your site.  If you are using Magento as your eCommerce platform you must find out suitable Magento extensions for this purpose.  Let us see one of such plugin that can fill up this gap. Yes we are talking about Photo Gallery and Product Gallery.  See below the features of this module,


  • Create albums to display images in effective manner
  • Completely configurable albums such as name, date, order/position
  • Multi-Store support
  • Assign an album to any product
  • Elegant style which is convenient to to customize with separated HTML/CSS


  • Create configurable custom blocks which are WYSIWYG enabled
  • Use unique identified for blocks
  • Each block can be filled with images
  • JQueary effects
  • Three different themes of JQuery for blocks are provided



  • Customize titles of gallery
  • Custom URLs, SEO URL suffix for the extension
  • Pagination enabled
  • Flexible settings for LightBox configuration

Well the above stated features of Gallery magento module are really beneficial to bring fruitful results. Galleries can be used for many important reasons such as if you want to present your portfolio, artwork, event images etc. It serves great many purposes. It also allows people to stick to a centralized place where they can view all images instead of moving to different pages.

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ECommerce benefits with Google Maps Magento Plugin

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Magento Modules

Every person who is engaged in any business would wish to stretch out its limits to millions and millions of people, you can say all around the world.  Because this is the only way sales can be increased and that is by broadcasting your services everywhere so that potential clients looking out for solutions to their problems can be captured. So will you use radio, television or internet to broadcast your services? All these media types have their own features. I would not be discussing about radio and its history neither about television but we will talk about highly intelligent solution in the most advanced eCommerce industry and that is Magento.

 Now if you are doing a business by using Magento which has proven to be extremely successful, how can you bring your dream of reaching far out to customers come true? Your success has forced you to extend your branches to different geographical regions and now you are looking out for increase in customers. You want to let your existing and potential customers know about your entire store locations for their convenience. You can definitely do that by displaying the locations of stores on your site but it won’t be as awesome as Google maps will do the Job. I cannot write about the benefits and features of Google Maps here because it will be a huge list to explain. But in simple words you can use all its great features to let people know about your business by using Google Maps Magento Google Maps Extension.

See below the features of this Magento extension,


    • Search a store by product in database or by location
    • Get directions to nearest store based on automatically detected customer’s location
    • Automatically detected customer’s location
    • Eliminating pagination and page reloads with the help of user friendly vertical scroller
    • Show unlimited store locations
    • Choose custom images for map markers and popup backgrounds
    • Displaying store preview and description in search results
    • Choose custom layout for G-Map Store locater main page
    • Customize heading and subheading for G-Map Store locater main page
    • Strong SEO features incorporatedMagento Modules

So now that you know what this  module can do for you, it definitely is a perfect choice to have for your online store. Information represented in terms of graphical images has more impact and is more dynamic than textual information. With the help of this plug-in users can get to know very easily about your nearest store locations to them which they can visit comfortably or else they can search out a store by specific product before visiting it. Don’t let people waste their diesel and gas in their vehicles by looking here and there in each store for what they want. This Magento module will help them in a great manner and makes them your happy customers…….

Useful Free Magento Plugins

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If you have read a post that I made on another blog where I made a comparison between Free or Paid Magento themes, you will be able to better analyze and decide pros and cons of using free products. But you must know that there is huge difference when it comes to free Magento Plugins Vs Themes. Magento Themes define overall look and appearance of your online store where as plugins provide extra functionality to your store so it might be very beneficial to use any available free tool that can fill up your needs.

Magento plugins provide robust solutions to eCommerce problems that we come up for our store. If you want to enhance the performance of your online store, add extra functionality or do whatever, Magento extensions are emerging all around Magento community to cater these needs.  Let us talk about some free extensions that might be useful for you,

 Magento Plugins

 FME Banners Extension:

You might have noticed huge banners while driving on roads or at the corner of streets while walking. The size and placement of these banners only serve to grab any potential clients. Banners are one of the most powerful marketing tools available on any platform whether media or any eCommerce platform.

FME’s Banners Magento Banners Extension offers the same benefits to your store. It is more dynamic and robust in nature, see below its features.


  • Very easy to Manage and customize
  • Front end is Flash Enabled for Sliding and Blur effects
  • Easy to Install; Easy to upgrade; Just copy to use
  • Banner Block (A banner can be displayed anywhere within a CMS page by putting a block in it)
  • Easy to Manage your banner campaigns
  • Target specific customers groups
  • Display your payments and security icons
  • Display scheduled events information and holidays related content
  • Display special hours content info

Magneto Modules

 FME’s New Products Slider:

This plugin helps you to market your new products in a splendid slider. It is just a hassle free one step solution, no troubles no worries. Most eCommerce sites prefer to present their products in a slider on home page because it is more efficient and dynamic to display multiple products at once. So if you have now planned to use same technique then why not use this plug n play module instead of developing your own.

There are many other free useful tools available in FME store. Rather than spending time in developing a module from the scratch, it is probably better approach to use available one. Moreover these free tools are built on solid structure so you do not need to worry about any technical related issues. If you feel you need more than this, please contact us at FME and we will be glad to assist you.

FME’s latest release of Home Tabs v2

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Home Tab Magento Extension

If you have made all of the efforts that will bring more and more customers to your website, then you would understand the importance of well designed and presented home page. It is the place where people around the globe will directly arrive and its impression will be everlasting whether good or bad. It will represent the soundness and quality of your services. So it is vital to have an excellent designed Home page. To add to this excellence, you must incorporate features that will provide pleasurable browsing experience to customers such as layered navigation, Ajax based search etc.

FME Home Tabs is one of such solutions that will serve the purpose of ideal customer satisfaction. It achieves its aim by allowing you to display different categories or groups of products on your home page in beautiful separate tabs such as Features Products, Most rated products, Top sellers etc. FME has released an updated version of this extension with more fabulous features to promote your homepage to the extent no one has reached. You might wonder how? Let me throw some light over it. Well, it is a well understood thing that by hosting an eCommerce site your main goal is to sell your products. Customers coming on your site will definitely search for their desired products. Many eCommerce stores implement different strategies to allow users a very convenient searching of their products such as by using Shop by Brands or Ajax based search etc.

With above mentioned solutions i-e Shop by Brands and Ajax based search, customers will at least type-in few letters to search for any product in which case results might come-up on same page or different page which will also involve page reloads. On the other hand FME Home Tabs moduledoes not require any user input; with just a click on any tab customers can find their products easily. It incorporates no page reloads, no typing stuff etc. Besides letting customers easily find out products, it serves another important feature i-e as a marketing tool. You definitely won’t place your fifty or maybe more “most rated products” on home page without using any kind of slider or banner etc. On the other hand customers won’t keep on scrolling if you happen to put them in a scroller because it is tiresome job and to be honest not an elegant approach. One of the best solutions in such case would be to put them in elegant tabs. Let us see below some great features and technical aspects of this Magento plugin.


    • Nine elegant Magento friendly Tabs that are maximum configurable and have unique features like sorting, custom labels and many more
    • Set your desired layout for this extension
    • Each tab can be limited for the number of products to display
    • Each tab can be set to its own view type i.e. List/Grid view
    • Custom code can be used anywhere in CMS pages or PHTML files
    • Product based on special attribute tab is provided
    • Custom Tab provided with special button fetching multiple categories at once which are required
    • Sort by price feature (ascending/descending)
    • CMS tab provided with power of WYSIWYG editor in the configuration section where you can also place your static block and it will show up in the frontend under CMS tab.

Instead of five in previous version it allows for nine splendid tabs to be displayed on homepage which are configurable from the backend. Each tab has its individual settings section at the backend. In this version 2, you have “Custom Tab” option in which you can display any desired product category, you have a “CMS tab” which is WYSIWYG enabled. I would conclude at the end by saying that this magento plugin is vital to have on board in case you want to attract customers with elegance and usability features of your store and is a great tool to raise your business revenue………

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Optimized Magento Modules

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If you are presented with an option to select either Ferrari or Honda, you might go for Ferrari most definitely because it offers more power, more speed and also more glamour. But what if it eats 10 gallons of fuel an hour than what 3 gallons of fuel Honda takes in and also the associated costs. There are several factors which contribute to the judgment of optimal performance. Adapting to these factors and standards assures that you get better performance in a well arranged budget. Because if you are out of budget, your Ferrari remains parked in your garage.Magento Modules

To drive your Magento store in an efficient way, you need to look at many factors that will contribute to the optimized performance. Magento is the latest eCommerce platform which comes packed with fabulous and at initially somewhat complicated development architecture. This architecture is designed in a way that solves most problems to develop efficient plugins, as it is based on configuration based MVC (Model View Controller).  In MVC, the work flow is sub divided into separate components such as models, views and controllers. Controllers are responsible for managing user requests like translating URLs to routers and perform dispatching (functions calling), they are not responsible to actually dive into the database and perform any query instead Models are used for this purpose. At the end Layout component is responsible to render the result to the user’s browser.Magento Plugins

So developing Magento plugins in this way is highly optimized because you develop code separately for each component, no conflicts with each other, easy to manage, debug and upgradable at any time. The target is to develop a module which takes lesser resources and runs smoother. Below are few of the points that are necessary to develop optimized Magento modules,

Core Files as a guide:

Magento follows Zend framework and its programming requirements. An easy task is to see how a particular functionality has been implemented in core files to get an idea. Following these standards assures hassle-free code.

Databse Queries:

Instead of developing multiple queries, “Table Joins” should be used which will reduce your number of queries and greatly enhance the speed and resource utilization.  Keep in mind that Magento also makes several queries whenever any page is loaded. So developing optimized query is a breath of your module.

JavaScript and Prototype:

Though many people like JQuery but keep in mind that loading additional libraries will add to more resource utilization. May be in future releases of Magento versions Prototype is eliminated but for all times working with default library will do much better than loading additional.

Custom Configuration Options:

While developing a Magneto extension, it is much wise to allow maximum configuration of the module. Not all features are required at all times and hence they might need to be turned off. Your customers should be able to enable or disable any feature which will certainly optimize the performance.

Structural Coding:

Do not mess up code by implementing functions and classes within controller files (classes). It definitely will work but is not an optimized standard. Magento has introduced folder hierarchy in a rock solid structure. Put all the functionality in block files and call them from controller classes.

These are some of the points if followed will produce efficient results for you. It will help you to easily debug or extend the functionality. If you are producing resource consuming products in a market, you will definitely lose the race shortly. Better plan ahead for optimized development structure to push your place up in the market…..