If you have read a post that I made on another blog where I made a comparison between Free or Paid Magento themes, you will be able to better analyze and decide pros and cons of using free products. But you must know that there is huge difference when it comes to free Magento Plugins Vs Themes. Magento Themes define overall look and appearance of your online store where as plugins provide extra functionality to your store so it might be very beneficial to use any available free tool that can fill up your needs.

Magento plugins provide robust solutions to eCommerce problems that we come up for our store. If you want to enhance the performance of your online store, add extra functionality or do whatever, Magento extensions are emerging all around Magento community to cater these needs.  Let us talk about some free extensions that might be useful for you,

 Magento Plugins

 FME Banners Extension:

You might have noticed huge banners while driving on roads or at the corner of streets while walking. The size and placement of these banners only serve to grab any potential clients. Banners are one of the most powerful marketing tools available on any platform whether media or any eCommerce platform.

FME’s Banners Magento Banners Extension offers the same benefits to your store. It is more dynamic and robust in nature, see below its features.


  • Very easy to Manage and customize
  • Front end is Flash Enabled for Sliding and Blur effects
  • Easy to Install; Easy to upgrade; Just copy to use
  • Banner Block (A banner can be displayed anywhere within a CMS page by putting a block in it)
  • Easy to Manage your banner campaigns
  • Target specific customers groups
  • Display your payments and security icons
  • Display scheduled events information and holidays related content
  • Display special hours content info

Magneto Modules

 FME’s New Products Slider:

This plugin helps you to market your new products in a splendid slider. It is just a hassle free one step solution, no troubles no worries. Most eCommerce sites prefer to present their products in a slider on home page because it is more efficient and dynamic to display multiple products at once. So if you have now planned to use same technique then why not use this plug n play module instead of developing your own.

There are many other free useful tools available in FME store. Rather than spending time in developing a module from the scratch, it is probably better approach to use available one. Moreover these free tools are built on solid structure so you do not need to worry about any technical related issues. If you feel you need more than this, please contact us at FME and we will be glad to assist you.