Magento Modules

Every person who is engaged in any business would wish to stretch out its limits to millions and millions of people, you can say all around the world.  Because this is the only way sales can be increased and that is by broadcasting your services everywhere so that potential clients looking out for solutions to their problems can be captured. So will you use radio, television or internet to broadcast your services? All these media types have their own features. I would not be discussing about radio and its history neither about television but we will talk about highly intelligent solution in the most advanced eCommerce industry and that is Magento.

 Now if you are doing a business by using Magento which has proven to be extremely successful, how can you bring your dream of reaching far out to customers come true? Your success has forced you to extend your branches to different geographical regions and now you are looking out for increase in customers. You want to let your existing and potential customers know about your entire store locations for their convenience. You can definitely do that by displaying the locations of stores on your site but it won’t be as awesome as Google maps will do the Job. I cannot write about the benefits and features of Google Maps here because it will be a huge list to explain. But in simple words you can use all its great features to let people know about your business by using Google Maps Magento Google Maps Extension.

See below the features of this Magento extension,


    • Search a store by product in database or by location
    • Get directions to nearest store based on automatically detected customer’s location
    • Automatically detected customer’s location
    • Eliminating pagination and page reloads with the help of user friendly vertical scroller
    • Show unlimited store locations
    • Choose custom images for map markers and popup backgrounds
    • Displaying store preview and description in search results
    • Choose custom layout for G-Map Store locater main page
    • Customize heading and subheading for G-Map Store locater main page
    • Strong SEO features incorporatedMagento Modules

So now that you know what this  module can do for you, it definitely is a perfect choice to have for your online store. Information represented in terms of graphical images has more impact and is more dynamic than textual information. With the help of this plug-in users can get to know very easily about your nearest store locations to them which they can visit comfortably or else they can search out a store by specific product before visiting it. Don’t let people waste their diesel and gas in their vehicles by looking here and there in each store for what they want. This Magento module will help them in a great manner and makes them your happy customers…….