In today’s fast internet world everybody wants to secure their website from any unwanted  IPs or country. Magento GEO IP Ultimate Locker  is the powerful extension that has the ability to block IP that have access to  your online stores.  This extension allows you to block your website for specific countries, geographic location and specific IP. You can create groups, and block group of countries. Now you can see who is visiting your site. You can see their name , IP addresses  and country.

 Magento GEO IP Ultimate Lock  automatically detects IP address of online users. You can grab any visitor who is  online on your website and doing suspicious activity, you can block the IP instantly. You can also redirect them to other pages through Redirect URL option in this extension. Another Cool feature is WYSIWYG editor . It allows you to customize the landing page for  redirected users. You can insert images, text or whatever easily. Set customized page for those visitors who are not able to access your site.

You can apply restrictions on store views and CMS  pages from the ACL section. You can create multiple ACLs  and  then you can give them priorities of high and low. Now you can create a super IPs list which can have access to your website even if they are blocked  . This option enables you to have a super IPs list in which you will add someone who will have only access to your website and  the rest of other will not be able to access your page.