You have built an online store and managing your products. You purchase goods from a supplier and then update the details in your store. Is it enough for your online store to purchase things and updating details? Definitely answers in no. you need to gain the attention of users who purchase things online. There are hundreds of online stores who have many customers. After the creation of your store you need to become popular in the world of e-commerce. But before selling anything, you need  visitors on your site and most importantly  you have to put something special on your store that attracts them and they stay on your site for some time. There are 3 techniques through which you can engage your customers on your site. Once they take time on your website then it is for sure that they will purchase the product from your store.

Customers Testimonials

Customers Reviews

Customers’ testimonials play a vital role in engaging new visitors on your online store. These testimonials provide an experience of your existing customers about the your products and services. Many new visitors purchase products from store due to these positive testimonials posted by your customers.



Another thing you need is to allow your customers to rate your products. Rating shows how many people have liked your products. You can use stars, thumbs up or down for rating. This is the second important thing that you must have on your e-commerce site to engage the visitor on your store.


According to the latest research, an average site visitor spends approximately 5 to 10 seconds on the website. So you need to provide each and every information on the spot such as FAQ. This is one of the most important part of any site. You must have Magento FAQ Extension on your eCommerce site. It helps users to get the answers to their most frequently asked questions on the mark. They don’t need to contact you for asking questions related to the products.


Find more details about Magento FAQ Module on Magento commerce


You can follow these mentioned techniques for gaining more attraction of your customers by providing them as many facilities as you can. There are many other techniques which also can boost your eCommerce store,