Now a day,  it’s a common practice of using customers testimonials in online store. If customers are appreciating your products and services then why to hesitate in publicizing those positive  testimonials for the world to see.Overuse and authority of reviews are two main problems with customers testimonials. If  we use these reviews so often then it may lose some of their value.  Potential customers don’t always trust the truthfulness of testimonials. How would you make your site visitor to believe in these testimonials? If you want to create meaning full and effective customers reviews they must be:



 Legitimacy is the main problem of customer testimonials. Many companies use copywriters for writing  testimonials with no involvement from real customers. You can make your testimonials believable by using pictures of customers, real names and company names. You should prove your testimonials are real provide your site  visitor  with all details, so there is no space for doubt in the minds of  your  prospects.



Customers testimonials are ineffective unless they provide a reason to your site visitor to care about them. Unclear testimonials such as “it  was great to do business with ABC store” provide nothing of value to your prospective consumers. You must guide your customers to give you testimonials by asking them to provide a specific reasons why working with your business benefited them. In other words, potential consumers should be able to personalize your customers testimonials and apply them to their own lives.



Before using any customers testimonials in your marketing and business materials you must take approval. Remember to use meaning full customer testimonials made it authentic  by providing names and using pictures.

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