If there are two magento stores and both have same products and claiming that they are providing the best services and products. Which one you will select? How you are going to make the difference between them?

We are the Best

As both are saying that they are best. You would defiantly want to know the experience of their existing customers. You don’t know how good this company is because you don’t have any experience with them and the only source to know about them Is customers testimonials.

How to claim- Best Products


Customers testimonials have an amazing selling power. As I told many Magento store owner claims they offer best services or products, but customers want to know the proof of your words. You can make them believe in your words that you are providing best Magento services by providing them with Customer Reviews. You can now realize that how important customers testimonials are as they push users to purchase products. But there are many eCommerce websites that have no Customers Testimonials at all.

How to get- customers Testimonials


It’s not too difficult to get customers’ testimonials . You just need to ask you valued customers to give you feedback on the services you have provided them, and then just show these testimonials on your website that your customers are pleased with your services. It will make a positive impact on your website.

Why E merchants don’t have Testimonials on the website? – Reasons


The reason that many eCommerce store owners give for not having a customer’s testimonials is that they say that “I asked my customers for a testimonial, but they never got back to me.” And I would say ask them again and again until you found that they are not willing to give you any type of feedback then you should understand that there might be a problem in your services or products . But the only way to know that your customers are pleased with your product or services is to follow up your customers after the sale and ask them “if they’re happy with your product or service, and if they would recommend it to others. If they say yes, that’s your cue to ask for a testimonial.”

Use Authentic Testimonials


Always use real testimonials don’t try to use fake testimonials. Many customers are clever enough to find out real and fake testimonials. For example if you are showing a testimonials of your customers with the names like “J.B. In Oklahoma” or “Jane S. In Chicago”. It looks like spammy. You need to increase the believability of consumers on these testimonials. Its very simple you can do it by providing customers testimonials along with Company name, Rael name, Real picture of the customers.

You can find more details about Magento Advance Testimonials on Magento Commerce.