There are many Magento based online stores with a broad range of products, which can make users glued to the screen for hours.  Many online stores provide products for kids, teenagers, and for parents as well.  In other words, eCommerce website is a place for everyone who wants to purchase products online. No one can say that Magento eCommerce is small community. There is wide range of magento community on internet.  In this article, we are not going to talk about the advantages or disadvantages of Magento platform, we all already know that the system works. We will discuss some essential extensions for your online magento store that could really help your online store grow.

Surely, there are no universal features, top magento extensions or design options, which guarantee, that your online store will be the most popular on internet, but there are several essentials magento extensions, which could be used when creating Magento based online store. Using these extensions will uplift your magento store.

Don’t waste the time of your user- Use FAQ Extension

FAQ extension helps your site visitors to get the answers of the most frequently asked questions about your products and services. Today’s world is fast form every aspect no body have time to wait everybody wants everything quick and fast. You can’t expect that your site visitors will call or email you for asking questions about the products. They want everything on spot about your products and services. If you are failed to provide all information and faqs about your products on spot. Users will close your site and will move to other site, which provide more information about the products and services.

Show Advantages of your Products

There are many online stores, which only display their products, not their features.  That is not good approach for online store you must show as many features as you can. It helps users to find that your products are compatible with their needs or not. You can use many magento Extensions for this purpose, which allows you to show your products details in different ways. You can show the products details in image form or video forms with the help of Magento Media Gallery Extension.

Make Your Website Visitors Trust You

It is natural that people want to know everything about the products they want to purchase, for example the purchase process, payment methods, the delivery service, warranties etc. You can make believe your website visitor on your store with the help of customers’ testimonials. You just need to take reviews from your existing customers about your products and services. Use authentic testimonials unauthentic testimonials make negative impact on your store. What testimonials do? When new visitors come to your store and see positive reviews about the products, they will defiantly purchase those products.

You can use these there extensions for you Magento Based online store to boost your sales and to increase your site traffic