In any magento based online store E merchants are always looking for how to attract and convert more visitors? There are many ways through which you can convert and attract your customers towards your site. One of them is testimonials, there are two types of testimonials one which is in written form. You can put these testimonials under your products. And the second is videos testimonials. You can surely utilize and implement videos testimonials from satisfied customers. If you use these videos testimonials correctly these videos will make your website more visually appealing.

Did you ever realize that how important is customers testimonials when it comes to success of your online business? What it does is build trust and confidence between you and your new site visitor through your customers videos testimonials. Today’s world is full of advertisement every company show them self as one of best company among all.  You need to be unique among all of them. And this is what customer’s testimonials do for you.

Your eCommerce store can become one of best magento store if you use cleverly your customer’s testimonials. When you are using your customers testimonials make sure that you have taken permeation from them, because many customers mind this thing if you use testimonials without their permeation

Getting more exposure

Visibility of your store among your competitors is on of vital thing. Social media has made it very easy to become more visible than ever. A few short customers’ videos testimonials can make attention. If your site visitors impressed with these videos they will share these videos on Facebook and Twitter. This will increase your visibility on social sites and will also increase your searches.

Placement of Testimonials

One of most import thing in which section we should place our customers’ testimonial. That can easily be visible to the site visitor. “Wake fly recommends creating a testimonials widget within the third or right hand column of a page.” Doing this it will be more visible to your consumers as if they refresh the page they will find new testimonials and hence they will see almost all your customers’ testimonials.  

Why New User Believe on: Customers Testimonials

A dedicated customer’s testimony is worth more then 10000 words of bland sales copy. These customers testimonials legalize the claim you make about how good your company , products and services are. Usually new visitors don’t believe on your words they want to know about your company from someone else or third party. These Testimonials plays the role of third party and show your new site visitor how good your services are.

In general customers testimonials plays a vital role in booting your company and sales. It is the great way to motivate new visitors to purchase your products. Encourage your customers to give you feedback about your services and company.

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