You can search or  purchase online  your desired products on Magento based eCommerce store. Online store allows you to search for your products while sitting at home or office.  There are many advantages of online stores as we all know such as saves your precious time, don’t need to go to shop, and purchase it from home. There is only one downside of any  online stores that is either of Magento based or any other platforms that consumers are not able to touch and feel a product before they make the purchase. Once they get it in their hand there may be a problem with a product. It may not fit  correctly, to overcome this drawback in any online store you can use product videos to show your products in action and you can highlight features of your products and it allows you to get the attention of your customers. You can get many Premium Magento extensions for your online store.

Types of Product Videos

There are many types of product videos. You can show the features of your products. You can show the process  of how the product is made etc.  The purpose of any product video is to gain the attention of your customers and make them believe that this product fill their needs. Your product videos save users time as they will not read the description they will be able to visualize all features in the form of videos you can show them how this product work? How to use it?

Video testimonials are another good way to show the quality of your products. You can take video testimonials from your  existing customers. This will push your new customers to believe in your products and services. You can use your Products photos to create product video. You just need to put some features in the form of images about your product and then you can create your product videos. You can use Magento Videos Extension for creating product videos in your eCommerce store.

How to Create an Excellent- Product Video

If you want to create an excellent  product video. If you are not a professional its not a big problem. You just need to keep some points in your mind when you are creating a product videos doing this you will be able to create  a quality product videos. Below are some points which must be in your mind to create an effective product video.

  • Don’t create long video. Your product videos must be short and informative.
  • Use quality images if you are creating videos from your product images
  • Everything should be clearly visible and readable in your product videos
  • Planning is the most important thing when you are making your product videos. You must write each and everything you want to share it with your customers make notes so you don’t forget key features or items to share.
  • Practice makes perfect  create your product videos again and again to get the best one.
  • Your product video should be all about showing off the product.