Magento is one of the world most popular platforms for online business and especially for eCommerce sites. Developers love it because it is an open source they can customize it according to their hearts content. Magento platform is widely used by all type of business either it is small, large or medium. this platform is suitable for all. There are leading brand including The North Face, Nike, Lindt, Sierra Nevada and Pentel who use Magento platform for their business. There are more than 20,000 users of Magento. In this article, we are going to discuss how you will set up your First Magento Store.

Sign up to Magento Go

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Just open the Magneto website and you will find hundred of things to look at like success stories, details about the company and  you will find mostly things that would relate to Developers so don’t worry if you are confused form it.

Start your free Trial

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On the top of Magneto site, you will find GO button. Click on it and it will take you to the home page. Magento go will allow you to have 30 days free trial period and you will have full functional store along without demanding your credit card and any other personal information.

Name your Store

Magento Module

After doing all process, you would have to select the name of your store. If you don’t find perfect name for your store don’t worry you can change it later. Completing this step will take you to the next step and you have to fill out your all business details there. You have to enter your Name, Phone number, User name and password. You have to enter strong password, as it must contain at least one capital and special character, in the end you have to click on Create My Store.

Wait for an email

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You have completed all steps for creating the Magento based online store. It will take few minutes to Magneto to setup your store after they set up your Store for first use they will send you an email. Email will contain URL upon click you will have access to your store.

Store Admin

Magento extensions

You are now in Admin section where you can customize your store. You have the authority how to customize it and how you want to show your store to your audience. There are many extensions for this designing purpose. You can make your  store user friendly. You can have many extensions such as Magento FAQ, customer review, Magento Product Video Extension and many more modules. You can utilize these and all other extensions to get good result for your Store.




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