You will find that online business has grown very quickly. Most of the people purchase thing online because it saves their time. They can purchase from home or office they don’t have to go market to find the best store for their self to purchase things. We will not discuss about the benefits of online business. We are going to discuss why many online businesses fail.  You will find 90% of all online business fails. Why it happen? We will explain why so many online initiatives fail to achieve their goals?

Lack of Understanding and Knowledge

E Commerce projects fails because leaders don’t have the vast knowledge and understanding of online world. You have to understand the nature of online world in order to be successful otherwise lack of knowledge will lead your online business to failure. Many people choose wrong Platform for their online business, which take down their business.  You have to choose right platform for your online store. Choose the platform that is user friendly and easy to manage. Magento, PrestaShop, and OS Commerce are some of the example.

Two Things to care in online business

You must understand three things that lead you to failure if you don’t give attention to them.

  1. Brick and mortar businesses are visible to all who see it but online businesses are visible if it is ranked on Search engine.
  2. Customers define what he wants and how it looks like. Search engine shows the result based on these keywords. You have to work on the keywords in order to be on the top of Search engine.

Visibility on the Web

Location is still everything not physical location. In the brick store your location is important you must find your store somewhere in large market where large number of peoples come for purchasing products. Studies show same thing matters in online stores. The best location on internet is the top page and top page means first page and the first ten locations. In the world of internet user never go for 2nd page what he requires he get it from the top ranked sites. This is another reason for failure of many online businesses

The Flat Nature of Web

It is fact that anyone can open site and he can become you competitor with very less investment. Online store don’t require a huge amount of space or buildings. Online business fails due to lack of knowledge the leaders don’t know what is the behavior of online users what attracts them and what makes them to leave site. Before starting an online business you must study internet business how online customers shops and how to get the top position on Search engine .