Time is changing quickly days are turning into months and months into year, not only time is changing each and everything is getting new shape and new style. The things people were purchasing from brick stores are now purchased by online shops. Hundreds of platforms are there which allows e Merchants to create there online stores such as Magento, PrestaShop, OS commerce and many others. Online shopping is getting popularity day by day. You can find dramatically increase in sales each year and it is increasing year by year. Magento Community provides you goal achieving platform for you online store.  If you are running eCommerce stores then you need to provide a good and user-friendly shopping experience to your customers.

Giving a smooth shopping experience means, you provide them important information about your products and services and allow them to purchase their desired products as quickly as possible. Many products have custom option, if you are selling products like those that blinds or curtain it may have different size and shapes and you can add different sort of things to it then what you have to create too many pages for one product.  Here is solution for that type of E-merchants they can use Advanced Product Options Magento Extension it allows your customers to calculate the price of products for different measurement length.  Below are some screenshots of FMEs Magento product options extension.

Magento Custom Option pricing

cop_extension_admin_panel_dashboard cop_extension_config2 cop_extension_create_option_sets_opt1 cop_extension_create_option_sets_opt2 cop_extension_post_installation