Changing a platform for your eCommerce business can have many risks and benefits. There are many reasons that lead ecommerce companies to change their business platforms. It may be due to the growth in their business or market condition change. Companies sometime change some components of their platform and some time they prefer to change all platforms. There is great risk in changing platform and it takes too much time and require large amount of investment. Benefit in changing well-executed new platform will make your business more successful and if it is not executed well then it might take your company out of business.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

There are many eCommerce platforms that are widely used all over the world such as Os Commerce, PrestaShop, Cube cart, Big commerce, Magento. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Magento is one of the leading platforms as compared to any other platform. What eCommerce really do will is it provides the technologies to build online storefront. A platform may be Set of component or single component which can be integrate with other platform. What an eCommerce really do is listed below

Content Management

Your eCommerce platform allows you to manage your content like text or photo. It allows you to add information about products and non-related products.

Shopping cart

Your customer can register for purchasing products and they can checkout. In other words, eCommerce platform allows you payment management.

Product management

This component of eCommerce platform allows you to manage your products from backend how you can show your products front view. This section is like product information management system.


This component of eCommerce platform allows you to manage the price of products. Pricing is sometime complex issue for eCommerce platform as there might be Custom pricing for products.

Order Management

This section of eCommerce platform allows you to manage your customers’ orders from receipt to order. In this section, you manage all things that are related issues after purchasing products.

Payment system

This component allows you to have gateway for credit card processing. Companies choose gateway for their payment some accept PayPal and some credit card depends upon stores.

The component I have mentioned above depends upon the size of eCommerce store. The smaller store don’t need to have all section what they really want is how to manage their products pricing and order management as the companies grows they start to utilizing all components.

Why Change Platform

Here are some reasons that cause companies to changes their platforms.

Improve customer experience

Change in platform might be for improve customers experience.


Some platforms don’t support mobile devices may be companies change their platform for Mobile support.

Platform shortcomings

Some time platforms get lack of scalability.


Cost might be another factor for changing the platform. Getting new platform might have more functionality with low cost.

When to Start

Before changing, your platforms you must do proper paper work that why you are changing your platform and how your new platform is beneficial for you. You must analyze all aspects of your current platform. Strength and weaknesses of your company. Take some suggestion and experience from the eMerchants who are using the platform to which you are shifting.


Risk in changing platform might disturb your business if you don’t setup it according to need or it is nor well executed. It can consume your time and money. You will have to pay attention, as Integrations are usually far more complex.

This contribution is made by Simon Walker. He is a professional writer and Extension developer. His best selling extensions is Magento Call for Price Extension is up for sale at FME.