Promotional campaign is a boundless journey in order to boost revenue and rate of conversions on Magento based store. During such journey sometimes, sometimes we focus on customer testimonials, web-design and engaging offers to attract customers towards our product. Fact is that all there is need of stable business plan that enables your product to emerge as an attractive element in your eStore.

To get maximum sales on Magento eStore you need to identify market which you are targeting and where your product stands in the market. Another thing that you need to identify the location of conversion points and how can we manage them to get optimum sales for Magento store.

Mostly, product pages are known as conversion points here we are suggesting two methods to make your conversion points attractive for maximum conversions

  1. Quick View for Product Marketing:

Magento is an open source Ecommerce solution that retains a valuable feature that enables eStore to extend the desired functionality.  In order increase the visibility of product, you can add quick view pane on homepage of Magento store.

Here we present some of the prominent advantages of having quick view Magento module on homepage.

  • By having quick view, a customer can view key information of product in light-box without going to product pages.
  • The AJAX popup screen has next and previous buttons that enables customers to view multiple products.
  • The popup screen appears when mouse cursor moves over the image of the product with an option to customize the color of popup screen.
  • Owner can customize the image on AJAX screen along with the information, which is to be displayed on screen such as reviews, Add to cart button, add to wish list, price, short description, and next & previous buttons from backend.

2.Attractive Graphics for Highlighting Products:

To magnify your products an attractive graphical images can used. Humans are more attracted towards images rather than textual form of data.

Here we present important points, which should be kept in mind while imaging your products:

  • Emphasize on the important features of the product, which can make you smooth conversion.
  • Both graphic and text has own role to play that is why an image cannot be replacement of a good content. Therefore, use graphics on appropriate place where it is required.
  • Sometimes plain graphics may not be conveying the true purpose; they may require a label to reflect them.
  • The product images and screen shots about their working should be thoroughly showcased on product areas.
  • The important areas of product images should be magnified in order to show guide about product.

We hope that above one of the two ways will definitely work for you in order to make your product more attractive and catchy to get optimum conversions. Check out more Professional Magento Extensions here