In E-commerce there are lots of products which are complex to sale, for this purpose you try special methods of increasing your sales. For instance you try to add instructions, compliance certificates, etc with products for the purpose of increasing value of your products. You try to provide as much as possible facilities to your customers. Visitors always focus on useful information if they find it on your site it takes one more step near to make them your customers.

Today our topic of discussion is how you can make your site more effective and how can you increase your complex sales by adding additional information with your product. For Instant FME provides Magento Product Attachments Extension which allows you to upload your PDF, word, Excel etc files with your products and CMS. This Magento extension enables you to have multiple files of multiple types with each product/CMS. It also provides the facility of download counter option and customer segmentation option. You can also allow your customers for download with/without login.

Key Features of Product Attachment Extension

  • It shows icon against each file type, according to file type each file will have a separate Icon like PDF, Excel etc.
  • You can track the number of downloads which shows your performance
  • You can allow or disallow the access to specific files for non-registered visitors.
  • You will be able to grant access to files for specified customer group.
  • Video can be uploaded with products.
  • It provides separate landing page for all the uploaded files.
  • It provides custom file description which allows you to add description of product so that customer can recognize that what they will get after download.

By taking the benefits of above features you can enhance your sales by providing additional information to your customers. If you are using Magento platform there are hundreds of tools (products and themes) are available on FMEExtensions site. By using these FMEs Magento extensions you can achieve your goal of increasing your sales.