In modern era of today E-commerce is developing rapidly. There are plenty of advantages of it and it is very much easy to use business.  If you want to launch an online web-store, than you will have to decide that which features you need. For instance you will choose reliable e-commerce platform and reliable e-commerce solutions. Here we will discuss about “Registration Page” which is one of the most important feature of e-commerce.

The Purpose of e-commerce website is to provide a place where users can buy your products. Registration and Login is place where buyer can access the page anytime from anywhere for purchasing your product. Magento is one of excellent e-commerce platform which provides unlimited fields on customer’s registration and account pages, it support lots of Professional Magento Extensions. By using these extensions you can boost up your sales.

You should provide latest fields to registration and account page, for collecting different types of data from your customers. You can gain better user experiences from this activity. If your business is currently on Magento platform, than Magento Customer Registration Fields Extension allows you to add lots of fields. You can add collect user survey data, file, image, text field, yes/no, radio and check box etc.

The key benefits of Registration page.

  • Registration page saves time to both the seller and buyer. Seller can save the time of opening, entering, and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms. Buyer can sign up from everywhere without having to print, manually fill out and send paper forms.
  • It provides secure way of payment buyer can simply enter their credit card details online to complete their transaction instead of writing cheque or counting cash.
  • You can collect your customer’s interest and measure their experience on your registration page.
  • Registration page provides faster check-out thanks to pre-populated billing information. It provides the ability to check order status and provides track deliveries.
  • It provides joining facility of joining community to leave reviews and options.

Whatever option for registration e-merchant adopts it is important it is important that customers know the benefits of registration clearly.