It has become a trend now most of buyers search their needs online. They may want particular items, compare a product or compare prices for similar choices. Taking these previous points in mind e-merchants want better site design or product promotion decisions.
It is difficult to categorize the online consumers search behavior. There are many researchers that have tried to identify it, but they have gathered the data. By using that data e-merchants may be able to make good decisions. Here are the few important consumers search behaviors related to e-merchants. By following these consumers search behavior e-merchants can understand the basics of consumer behavior.
Locate – Searching on The web:
The most common form of consumer search is locating search behavior for finding a known product. For example a customer wants to buy shoes. May be he does not know the details of shoes, but he knows that the common products exist on site and he also knows the size that he wants. The search task in this case will most likely include precise queries conducted on search engines or on a webstore owner’s own site search.

Sometimes the customers want to verify that a specific product or item meets there specification or not. In this case buyers may be familiar with subject of search but want to know and understand properly about that item. The most important thing is that, verifying shoppers always search for important specifications that must be in your product’s description. The e-merchants who place the most commonly verified specifications in headlines or top of the page, they help the customers to perform better for these types of searches.

There is the solution of these above search problems for those e-merchants who are using Magento based online stores. The Quick View Magento Extension enables customers to quickly view product information. The visitors can view product information in a lightbox instead of jumping to product page. This Product Ajax View Module generates popup window, the buyers can navigate to next and previous products with the help of next and previous buttons.
The every product that is offered online is not spontaneous. In fact, most of buyers especially a buyer making a relatively expensive purchase will visit more than one site before making a buying decision. Buyers also checks prices for major purchase. This kind of consumer behavior is referred to as monitoring. The aim of this behavior is to stay aware of products developments.
There are buyers who are exploring for new products, new categories etc. According to Russell-Rose and Marki (Researchers of London), “the site should help the explorer wonder, and provide markers showing where the shopper has been so that he is not backtracking or getting board”.