Few years back there was time when reservations of flight and hotel room booking was not an easy task for a client because whole procedure was manually handled by managing authority. Later on with the advancement of technology, all kind of reservations could be made through several Ecommerce frameworks like Magento, PrestaShop etc. If internet connection is available to him along with sufficient amount in bankcard then user can easily confirm booking in few minutes.
The commerce hosted by Magento not only enables a client to shop online but also allows him to make reservations by using FMEs Magento modules. The plugin support is capable to provide hassle free reservation mechanism to a consumer that saves his time as well as money with a single click. The online system can be deployed for all kind of bookable commodities and services such as event reservation, doctor’s appointment, hotel booking, ticket reservation etc.
Useful Features Magento Reservation Extension:
Preservation Of Time & Costs:
Online booking system can automatically check availability of booking on intended time and it can provide instant reservation upon availability of empty slot. Such way can prevents wastage of time and resources consumed during waiting for follow-up of emails and travelling for sake of bookings. Thus, mechanism reduces the errors and delays caused by manual involvement, which is the main cause for the preservation of time and cost.
Easy Deployment Of Changes:
It is mentioned above the booking system has no manual involvement, so all the changes and updates on the web store does not require technical expertise of administrator. The self-managing capability of system provides the automatic error free management for a non-technical person.
Elimination Of Moderation:
Magento reservation system does not require payment of commission in order to confirm booking because it does not involve mediation of third person. The reason behind not involvement of moderator is that checking and booking of reservation entirely takes place between service availing person and provider. In this way, a consumer can save his expenses by not paying to any coordinating authority or person.
Better Stability & Performance:
The reservation methodology is stable enough to handle queries from multiple clients; it can perform well during the peak periods of service utilization. The system can provide swift booking service for any kind of traffic loads.
Makes Lead Against Other Contenders:
By the advancement of technology, Ecommerce platforms other than Magento are also offering electronic reservation system for online stores but Magento commerce can make the experience different from other platform by providing community based solutions. Thus, it is the basic reason behind the success of Magento hosting website.