Five New Collections of Magento Themes for Fashion Store in Spring 2014

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The five new collections of Magento templates specially dedicated for fashionable and beautiful items are given below:

Bag Store Theme:

Bag-store is one of the finest Magento fashion template by SupremeTheme from fashion & beauty category of Supreme Theme is ideal to display trendy handbags, purses, shoulder bags etc.


Features Of Bag Store:

  • The core elements contained by bag store skin are banners, product slider, header with cart quick view, search bar, category to recently viewed commodities on product pages and ‘top’ button at the base of each page.
  • Each product page contains tabs, the tabs contains details such as product description, additional information, product tags & reviews in layered format.
  • The commodity-listing page in template contains magnifier slider to view the merchandise clearly along with this multiple product image slider resides under ‘view more’ label.

Ultimate Fashion Theme:

Ultimate fashion is a perfect clothing theme for Magento that is suitable to display apparels like shirts, pants, casual wears, blazers, sweaters, pullover etc.



Features Of Ultimate Fashion:

  • The template is enriched in four major colors i.e. blue, brown, green and mustard.
  • Built-in content management support, promotional banners, tab layout in product listing pages are some of the prominent aspects of ultimate fashion skin.
  • The header segment in homepage contains account information labels like my account, my wishlist, my cart, checkout & login, search bar and language selection option.
  • The footer section of theme contains elements like newsletter signup, store information menu, support menu and connect menu for famous social media links.
  • Each product-listing page contains layout in the format of tabs, the details contained in tabs is titled as product description, product reviews, additional information & product tags.
  • The product page of theme contains zoomer slider to zoom images of product and thumbnail scroller to different poses of commodity.

Elegant Ties Theme:

Elegant ties is a Magento template, it is appropriate for those business owners which are merchandising ties & clothing accessories on their store.


Features Of Elegant Ties:

  • The header portion of skin contains brand logo, login information, shopping cart status, search bar and tabs menu for navigation of rest of pages.
  • The footer section contains newsletter signup textfield, about store, shopping, account and share with us menus.
  • The web elements contained by the homepage of template are sliding banner, featured items slider built in JavaScript technology, top sellers category etc.
  • The product page also consists of tabs titled with product description, additional information, similar products, reviews, & tags along with this they also consists of zoomer & multiple product thumbnails.

Nature First Theme:

Nature first belongs to fashion & beauty Magento template category, the skin is viable for those Ecommerce stores, which deals in cosmetics, makeup and beauty products.



Features Of Nature First:

  • The theme comprise of HTML elements like JQuery banner slider, featured product scroller, small featured products banner slider etc.
  • The header segment comprise of cosmetic product logos, search bar, shopping cart status label, account status label etc.
  • The footer segment of theme retains newsletter signup textfield and it also contains menus like store information, support and connect for famous social media links.
  • The product-listing page consists of magnifier and detailing tabs like product description, additional information, similar products, tags & reviews.

Gallant Shoes Theme:

Gallant shoes is an ideal Magento fashion apparel template that is a perfect choice to promote classy foot wear such as joggers, dress shoes, sprinters for men, women and children of all ages.



Features Of Gallant Shoes:

  • The header section of shoe store skin consists of web technology components like logos, search bar, label of shopping cart status, label of account status etc.
  • The footer of template maintains newsletter signup option and it also contains like quick information, customer help and contact us menus.
  • The skin freely incorporates premium shop by brands plugin and homepage consists of banners, vertical banners, recent products scroller, top brands slider etc.

The product pages consist of product magnifier.


A Brief Overview About Flat Designs

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The idea behind using flat design is to make usable and simple interfaces, which are artistically captivating & comprehensible from functionality point of view apart from where these flat design-containing page & applications are showcased. For that reason, a flat design lays great influence on the experience of user as well as performance of Magento store.

Nowadays a flat design is implemented on several operating systems like Windows 8, Apple IOS 7, Ecommerce platforms like Magento, Media Temple, Shopify and several new mobile apps are using them.

Flat Design Usage In Smartphones:


Over the time internet is keep on changing, in year 2013 it was mentioned in Pew Internet and American Life report that more than fifty percent of American youth are Smartphone users. Another source comScore says that in August 2013 around one forty five million American were the users of SmartPhones. Another statistics in Pew report released in June 2013 says that more than one third of United States youngsters own tablet device.

The use of internet on mobile emphasize towards the layout of particular application & Ecommerce stores that has minimum loading time of pages, comprehensible navigation of pages along with presentable frontends that work fine all resolutions of screens, a flat design contains all these aspects.

Understandable Compact Interface:


In order to bring compactness, a flat design does not undergo the brilliance of textures, visual appeal and gradients in its layout. Such patterns may reflect the current trend in the world of web design, in which designs of web pages are fabricated in accordance with real time scenarios.

For example, the frontend of Redstair Gear Compressor implements its devices in the web technology by making interface usable like real world audio controller. In fact, there are issues affecting such kind of hyper realistic design because page load of such interface consumes some time as well as it requires some support files in order to function in proper manner. It is difficult to deploy such style design on responsive layout for mobile devices so high level of designer expertise requires to be executed in the interface.

A flat design seconds such kind of design that a user does not require guidance in using a real world objects. Especially in case of brand of digital devices mentioned above, moreover responsiveness & robust load time can be achieved through flat designs.

A flat designer considers only those elements, which are capable to deliver application/page message. It can be understood in another manner that a flat design should be appeared to user in such a way that he could understand the essence of message attempted to convey.

Grid Layout & Responsive Factor:

Grid layouts are the binding element of the design of the user end as it translates the meaning that is to be delivered and helps in organizing the data efficiently. A grid design deals with a responsive layout as single grid reallocates to new columns & rows. There is no surety about the success of design when interface comprise of grid view, it is very basic to flat design and it provides fine basis for flat design.

Unambiguousness – Lacking Trickery:

As it is declared earlier, a flat design does not undergo the brilliance of textures, visual appeal and gradients in its layout that is lead to visual trickery. The purpose behind the fabrication of such design is to achieve fascinating and efficient layout that does not allows wastage of graphics.

Flat designers evade content sliders, fly-out menus and such kind of navigational layouts that can be easily operated from a touch-screen gadget.

Wide Range Of Colors:


Flat design undertakes huge range of color palette, which is widely used in fashion themes for Magento oriented web store that also uses solid infrequent colors. The old patterns of flat design used encompass dull & repetitive colors by the implementation of bright and vibrant colors innovation in the design was revolutionized.

Colors also makes distinguishing element between different segments that separates visual fronts so information could be easily delivered. For example a mobile weather application different colors schemes to represent hot and cold weather i.e. orange & blue respectively.

Dynamic jewelry themes in April 2014

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Keeping the tradition of Supreme Theme that is why we are presenting fine collection of highly capable Magento themes at the beginning of spring 2014, which are specially fabricated to showcase decorative jewelry and ornaments.

Below we are suggesting some of the finest compilation of Magento themes from jewelry and watches category because we strongly believe that our presentations can really lay positive impression on your ornamental business.

ST Jewelry Square Magento Theme:

Square Jewelry theme belongs to Magento Ecommerce platform, the template is ideal for those storeowners, which want to sale Jewelries like necklaces, bracelets, rings, trinkets and several other ornaments through their web domain.

Key features:

The prominent features of Magento Square Jewelry skin:

  • The theme comprise of elements like banners, image sliders,featured products, exclusive products, horizontal recent product slider, newsletter signup, product image magnifier etc.
  • The installation as well as setting deployment of template is very simple and easy.
  • The background color of theme can be adjusted gray, blue, brown and pink colors.
  • The search bar in header is uniquely fashioned; the search bar appears as mouse hovers over search icon.
  • The skin freely incorporates our premium Magento extension ‘Shop by Manufacturers’ so that famous brand manufacturers are available to brand conscious clients.

ST Jewelry Store Magento Theme:

Jewelry store is a Magento jewelry template, which is another presentation of Supreme Theme. The skin is suitable for those web-shops deal in jewelry, ornaments and other decorative items.

Key features:

The prominent features of Jewelry store theme:

  • The j Query category slider, Banner slider & most recent are some of the element, which reside on the homepage for sake of promotion of new arrivals.
  • The header segment at homepage consists of social links of famous medias, store searching bar and menus in order to provide precise navigation experience to customers.
  • The installation and management of template is quite simple and easy.
  • The banners and slider are placed in respective manner on the facing front of homepage.
  • The header contains Combo-box that allows selection of desired language.
  • The theme supports blue, green, purple and gray background colors.
  • Header efficiently displays status of shopping cart so that customers could know what they are having in their shopping trolley.
  • The template has free integration of ‘shop by brands’ Magento extension, which is only available under premium license.

Best Magento Fashion Themes In Spring 2014

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Theme is the most presentable item of any website whether it is for personal use or commercial purpose; it can bring life to all kind of websites. Keeping promotional requirements of every fashion oriented web-shop in mind; Supreme Theme is presenting one of its best compositions of beauty themes, which can definitely suit your fashion apparel store.


The stylish bag store Magento template is appropriate for those online stores, which want to highlight apparels such as purse, bags and other hand a carrying stuff for fashion conscious women.


Ultimate fashion theme is one of the best Magento fashion themes that can increase the presenting ability of fashionable clothing brands for gents likewise pants, shirts, modern dressing suits etc.



Elegant Ties is another fine presentation of Supreme theme, it suitable for those stores, which want to showcase accessories like ties and clothing items.


Nature first is a beautiful skin that will be perfect choice to promote the beauty cosmetics of your online store by creating fascination to those customers, which have appeal for modern beauty products.


Gallant shoes is a fine theme for those online shops that specializes in displaying foot wearing stuff such as casual shoes, joggers, dress shoes, slippers etc.


Beauty store template is another belonging of fashion category of Supreme theme; the skin can be ideal choice to endorse beauty cosmetics, which are in daily use by fashion loving women.


Style row apparel is appropriate for those estores, which want to sale casual clothing materials such as trousers, body warmers, shorts, footwear etc.


Apparel shop theme is beneficial to those online stores, which want to showcase new arrivals of clothing stuff such as T-shirts, sweaters, sleeveless shirts, pants etc.


Fashion store  is another fine theme that can market your most wanted & trendy accessories for men, women and children such as technology stuff, clothing, shoes etc.  Check out More Premium Magento Themes