The five new collections of Magento templates specially dedicated for fashionable and beautiful items are given below:

Bag Store Theme:

Bag-store is one of the finest Magento fashion template by SupremeTheme from fashion & beauty category of Supreme Theme is ideal to display trendy handbags, purses, shoulder bags etc.


Features Of Bag Store:

  • The core elements contained by bag store skin are banners, product slider, header with cart quick view, search bar, category to recently viewed commodities on product pages and ‘top’ button at the base of each page.
  • Each product page contains tabs, the tabs contains details such as product description, additional information, product tags & reviews in layered format.
  • The commodity-listing page in template contains magnifier slider to view the merchandise clearly along with this multiple product image slider resides under ‘view more’ label.

Ultimate Fashion Theme:

Ultimate fashion is a perfect clothing theme for Magento that is suitable to display apparels like shirts, pants, casual wears, blazers, sweaters, pullover etc.



Features Of Ultimate Fashion:

  • The template is enriched in four major colors i.e. blue, brown, green and mustard.
  • Built-in content management support, promotional banners, tab layout in product listing pages are some of the prominent aspects of ultimate fashion skin.
  • The header segment in homepage contains account information labels like my account, my wishlist, my cart, checkout & login, search bar and language selection option.
  • The footer section of theme contains elements like newsletter signup, store information menu, support menu and connect menu for famous social media links.
  • Each product-listing page contains layout in the format of tabs, the details contained in tabs is titled as product description, product reviews, additional information & product tags.
  • The product page of theme contains zoomer slider to zoom images of product and thumbnail scroller to different poses of commodity.

Elegant Ties Theme:

Elegant ties is a Magento template, it is appropriate for those business owners which are merchandising ties & clothing accessories on their store.


Features Of Elegant Ties:

  • The header portion of skin contains brand logo, login information, shopping cart status, search bar and tabs menu for navigation of rest of pages.
  • The footer section contains newsletter signup textfield, about store, shopping, account and share with us menus.
  • The web elements contained by the homepage of template are sliding banner, featured items slider built in JavaScript technology, top sellers category etc.
  • The product page also consists of tabs titled with product description, additional information, similar products, reviews, & tags along with this they also consists of zoomer & multiple product thumbnails.

Nature First Theme:

Nature first belongs to fashion & beauty Magento template category, the skin is viable for those Ecommerce stores, which deals in cosmetics, makeup and beauty products.



Features Of Nature First:

  • The theme comprise of HTML elements like JQuery banner slider, featured product scroller, small featured products banner slider etc.
  • The header segment comprise of cosmetic product logos, search bar, shopping cart status label, account status label etc.
  • The footer segment of theme retains newsletter signup textfield and it also contains menus like store information, support and connect for famous social media links.
  • The product-listing page consists of magnifier and detailing tabs like product description, additional information, similar products, tags & reviews.

Gallant Shoes Theme:

Gallant shoes is an ideal Magento fashion apparel template that is a perfect choice to promote classy foot wear such as joggers, dress shoes, sprinters for men, women and children of all ages.



Features Of Gallant Shoes:

  • The header section of shoe store skin consists of web technology components like logos, search bar, label of shopping cart status, label of account status etc.
  • The footer of template maintains newsletter signup option and it also contains like quick information, customer help and contact us menus.
  • The skin freely incorporates premium shop by brands plugin and homepage consists of banners, vertical banners, recent products scroller, top brands slider etc.

The product pages consist of product magnifier.