If you want to improve your site traffic and want to have more sales. You need to give more user friendly interface to your customers. In order to give user a good understanding to your products you must translate your product pages in their regional language. This will make them comfortable to understand your products. They will be able to know how your products work and how it full fill their needs. People usually understand more in their own regional language as compared to default language. Show your customers what they really want regarding your products. Language switcher is not set by default in Magento. You have to use third party Extension in order to get this facility. FME has developed language and currency Switcher extension for their customers which allow them to change their language and currency of their store for different set of users form different regions.


For example if you are running store and you sell your products in different regions. American visitors will see your website in their regional language and at same time user form china will see your website in their regional language. It detects the location of customers using Maxmind’s database. Once it detects the location based on their IP then it switch the language and currency for that user. Visitors can manually switch the language and currency also. Below are some Features of Magento Language and Currency Switcher extension by FME

Features of Language Currency Extension


  • With the help of visitors IPs this module Works as auto currency switcher.
  • This Extension uses Maxmind’s database for tracking visitors location
  • This module shows a confirmation prompt box to all visitors for currency & regional settings.
  • You can customized the text on this prompt box
  • You can manually change store and language with link provided in footer.
  • You can create different access control lists and can be applied on stores
  • IP exclusions and exceptions are supported in this country switcher module