What to know Before Changing Ecommerce Platform

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Changing a platform for your eCommerce business can have many risks and benefits. There are many reasons that lead ecommerce companies to change their business platforms. It may be due to the growth in their business or market condition change. Companies sometime change some components of their platform and some time they prefer to change all platforms. There is great risk in changing platform and it takes too much time and require large amount of investment. Benefit in changing well-executed new platform will make your business more successful and if it is not executed well then it might take your company out of business.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

There are many eCommerce platforms that are widely used all over the world such as Os Commerce, PrestaShop, Cube cart, Big commerce, Magento. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Magento is one of the leading platforms as compared to any other platform. What eCommerce really do will is it provides the technologies to build online storefront. A platform may be Set of component or single component which can be integrate with other platform. What an eCommerce really do is listed below

Content Management

Your eCommerce platform allows you to manage your content like text or photo. It allows you to add information about products and non-related products.

Shopping cart

Your customer can register for purchasing products and they can checkout. In other words, eCommerce platform allows you payment management.

Product management

This component of eCommerce platform allows you to manage your products from backend how you can show your products front view. This section is like product information management system.


This component of eCommerce platform allows you to manage the price of products. Pricing is sometime complex issue for eCommerce platform as there might be Custom pricing for products.

Order Management

This section of eCommerce platform allows you to manage your customers’ orders from receipt to order. In this section, you manage all things that are related issues after purchasing products.

Payment system

This component allows you to have gateway for credit card processing. Companies choose gateway for their payment some accept PayPal and some credit card depends upon stores.

The component I have mentioned above depends upon the size of eCommerce store. The smaller store don’t need to have all section what they really want is how to manage their products pricing and order management as the companies grows they start to utilizing all components.

Why Change Platform

Here are some reasons that cause companies to changes their platforms.

Improve customer experience

Change in platform might be for improve customers experience.


Some platforms don’t support mobile devices may be companies change their platform for Mobile support.

Platform shortcomings

Some time platforms get lack of scalability.


Cost might be another factor for changing the platform. Getting new platform might have more functionality with low cost.

When to Start

Before changing, your platforms you must do proper paper work that why you are changing your platform and how your new platform is beneficial for you. You must analyze all aspects of your current platform. Strength and weaknesses of your company. Take some suggestion and experience from the eMerchants who are using the platform to which you are shifting.


Risk in changing platform might disturb your business if you don’t setup it according to need or it is nor well executed. It can consume your time and money. You will have to pay attention, as Integrations are usually far more complex.

This contribution is made by Simon Walker. He is a professional writer and Extension developer. His best selling extensions is Magento Call for Price Extension is up for sale at FME.


Eye Catching Magento Themes

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ECommerce websites is all about design and user friendly interface. You must have a good design for your online store. Magento is the platform, which has hundreds of Professional Magento themes and modules, which help you on enhancing your site appearance. You can find many websites that have eye-catching appearance. Sometime users click on site and they don’t find their products for what they were searching but they stay on that site for some time due to marvelous site appearance. They remember that type of sites and may be in future they purchase some sort of things from that site. You can find many Professional Magento Themes for you stores. Below are some Screen shots of Marvelous online store designs


1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9


Get Price of Configurable Product options

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Time is changing quickly days are turning into months and months into year, not only time is changing each and everything is getting new shape and new style. The things people were purchasing from brick stores are now purchased by online shops. Hundreds of platforms are there which allows e Merchants to create there online stores such as Magento, PrestaShop, OS commerce and many others. Online shopping is getting popularity day by day. You can find dramatically increase in sales each year and it is increasing year by year. Magento Community provides you goal achieving platform for you online store.  If you are running eCommerce stores then you need to provide a good and user-friendly shopping experience to your customers.

Giving a smooth shopping experience means, you provide them important information about your products and services and allow them to purchase their desired products as quickly as possible. Many products have custom option, if you are selling products like those that blinds or curtain it may have different size and shapes and you can add different sort of things to it then what you have to create too many pages for one product.  Here is solution for that type of E-merchants they can use Advanced Product Options Magento Extension it allows your customers to calculate the price of products for different measurement length.  Below are some screenshots of FMEs Magento product options extension.

Magento Custom Option pricing

cop_extension_admin_panel_dashboard cop_extension_config2 cop_extension_create_option_sets_opt1 cop_extension_create_option_sets_opt2 cop_extension_post_installation

How to add custom fields on Customer Registration page in Magento

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Magento is the platform, which enables E-merchants to customize their online store according to their demand and interest. They can give eye-catching looks to their online stores. When visitors come to your store, they are looking for some products from your store. Your store must provide them what they are looking for not anything else.  In this article, we are going to explain how you can avoid bad registration techniques and how you can use Customer Registration form in your favor if you are running Magento Based online store.

Customers’ registration can be effective tool if it is setup properly. You can start target marketing campaign from the data you collect form your customers. If you didn’t setup properly your registration page it can be kiss of death to sell.  Why customers will fill your lengthy registration form?  When they are adding products to cart. Your registration page should be small and concise ask them to fill most important credential don’t ask them zip code street number etc. you are an E-merchants and you need their email for future sales or any other packages.

Now coming to those eCommerce stores who ask for registration on account pages. If customers want to purchase any products from their store, they have to register in order to purchase products. You will find Customers attributes magento extension that provides E-merchants an option to customize Registration pages. They can add many fields such as File, Image, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, Radio and check box fields.

Key Features – Magento Custom Registration Fields

  • E-merchants can create unlimited fields on Registration pages
  • Attributes can be managed by both Customers and Admin
  • It supports customers group
  • Input fields can be made optional or mandatory.
  • E-merchants can add customers fields on desired view

Product Videos – Keep Your Video Content Fresh

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Creating Video marketing content for your online store is challenge in itself. You can create videos easily once you get ideas and become subject oriented. You will become expert in creating product videos for your online stores. Magento Platform Is one of the best platform for many online store, it provides you hundreds of Professional Magento Extensions to customize your online store. Creating product videos can boost your online business.  If you want to target, your audiences do research on daily basis to give fresh content to you Customers. If you are providing them same information in different words then soon they will know that you don’t have new information so they will stop reading your content. Remember that visitors always want to see the new information. They want you as expert in what they are looking for. Video marketing doesn’t mean that you have to put your all information in one video. You can divide your videos in parts. You have to show your videos in a way that customers wait for your videos and information you provide them.

People love to get information in visual form as compared to text data. Reading requires time and you have to read all content in order to get the idea what are best features of these products. Product videos will save the time of your customers and he will be able to get the information quick and in unique way.

You can post videos that have general information or solution for your customers that they face in daily routine. You can provide them good information based content which will push your users to view all your videos and then he will think that this man have the solutions for what I am looking.

Magento platform provides you many extensions that will help you in uploading videos for your online store. You can use Magento Product video Extension to upload product videos for your online store. What you need to have is that you do research on daily basis get new ideas provide you customers with fresh content  and you will get the result.

Why E-commerce Projects Fail and What to do about it

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You will find that online business has grown very quickly. Most of the people purchase thing online because it saves their time. They can purchase from home or office they don’t have to go market to find the best store for their self to purchase things. We will not discuss about the benefits of online business. We are going to discuss why many online businesses fail.  You will find 90% of all online business fails. Why it happen? We will explain why so many online initiatives fail to achieve their goals?

Lack of Understanding and Knowledge

E Commerce projects fails because leaders don’t have the vast knowledge and understanding of online world. You have to understand the nature of online world in order to be successful otherwise lack of knowledge will lead your online business to failure. Many people choose wrong Platform for their online business, which take down their business.  You have to choose right platform for your online store. Choose the platform that is user friendly and easy to manage. Magento, PrestaShop, and OS Commerce are some of the example.

Two Things to care in online business

You must understand three things that lead you to failure if you don’t give attention to them.

  1. Brick and mortar businesses are visible to all who see it but online businesses are visible if it is ranked on Search engine.
  2. Customers define what he wants and how it looks like. Search engine shows the result based on these keywords. You have to work on the keywords in order to be on the top of Search engine.

Visibility on the Web

Location is still everything not physical location. In the brick store your location is important you must find your store somewhere in large market where large number of peoples come for purchasing products. Studies show same thing matters in online stores. The best location on internet is the top page and top page means first page and the first ten locations. In the world of internet user never go for 2nd page what he requires he get it from the top ranked sites. This is another reason for failure of many online businesses

The Flat Nature of Web

It is fact that anyone can open site and he can become you competitor with very less investment. Online store don’t require a huge amount of space or buildings. Online business fails due to lack of knowledge the leaders don’t know what is the behavior of online users what attracts them and what makes them to leave site. Before starting an online business you must study internet business how online customers shops and how to get the top position on Search engine .

How to set up your First Magento Store

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Magento is one of the world most popular platforms for online business and especially for eCommerce sites. Developers love it because it is an open source they can customize it according to their hearts content. Magento platform is widely used by all type of business either it is small, large or medium. this platform is suitable for all. There are leading brand including The North Face, Nike, Lindt, Sierra Nevada and Pentel who use Magento platform for their business. There are more than 20,000 users of Magento. In this article, we are going to discuss how you will set up your First Magento Store.

Sign up to Magento Go

Magento extensions

Just open the Magneto website and you will find hundred of things to look at like success stories, details about the company and  you will find mostly things that would relate to Developers so don’t worry if you are confused form it.

Start your free Trial

Magento extenisons

On the top of Magneto site, you will find GO button. Click on it and it will take you to the home page. Magento go will allow you to have 30 days free trial period and you will have full functional store along without demanding your credit card and any other personal information.

Name your Store

Magento Module

After doing all process, you would have to select the name of your store. If you don’t find perfect name for your store don’t worry you can change it later. Completing this step will take you to the next step and you have to fill out your all business details there. You have to enter your Name, Phone number, User name and password. You have to enter strong password, as it must contain at least one capital and special character, in the end you have to click on Create My Store.

Wait for an email

Magneto Media Gallery

You have completed all steps for creating the Magento based online store. It will take few minutes to Magneto to setup your store after they set up your Store for first use they will send you an email. Email will contain URL upon click you will have access to your store.

Store Admin

Magento extensions

You are now in Admin section where you can customize your store. You have the authority how to customize it and how you want to show your store to your audience. There are many extensions for this designing purpose. You can make your  store user friendly. You can have many extensions such as Magento FAQ, customer review, Magento Product Video Extension and many more modules. You can utilize these and all other extensions to get good result for your Store.




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