How to Use Magento Default Store Extension

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Are you running Magento based Store? Are you selling your products in different regions for your different set of products? You don’t have to create new store for your different set of users. You can create multiple store views for your different users. Let suppose you are selling your products in France and USA. You can create Default store view for French visitor and also for USA visitor. These default store views are pre-defined by admin. This module detects the location of customers and automatically redirects the customers to default store Users can also select default store manually. Below are screenshot of this Magento Default Store Extension which allows you to understand how this Module works.

How it Works


When customers visit your site they will see pop up which allow them to select store view


Customers can choose manually the store view also to select the store view.


Create Unlimited ACL and then add countries and assign them stores. You can set region wise store for your customers.


You can enable automatic country redirect and configure Basic setting


This section allows you to assign countries to ACL.  You can always update this Maxmind Country database.




Magento Langauge and Currency Switcher Extension by FME

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If you want to improve your site traffic and want to have more sales. You need to give more user friendly interface to your customers. In order to give user a good understanding to your products you must translate your product pages in their regional language. This will make them comfortable to understand your products. They will be able to know how your products work and how it full fill their needs. People usually understand more in their own regional language as compared to default language. Show your customers what they really want regarding your products. Language switcher is not set by default in Magento. You have to use third party Extension in order to get this facility. FME has developed language and currency Switcher extension for their customers which allow them to change their language and currency of their store for different set of users form different regions.


For example if you are running store and you sell your products in different regions. American visitors will see your website in their regional language and at same time user form china will see your website in their regional language. It detects the location of customers using Maxmind’s database. Once it detects the location based on their IP then it switch the language and currency for that user. Visitors can manually switch the language and currency also. Below are some Features of Magento Language and Currency Switcher extension by FME

Features of Language Currency Extension


  • With the help of visitors IPs this module Works as auto currency switcher.
  • This Extension uses Maxmind’s database for tracking visitors location
  • This module shows a confirmation prompt box to all visitors for currency & regional settings.
  • You can customized the text on this prompt box
  • You can manually change store and language with link provided in footer.
  • You can create different access control lists and can be applied on stores
  • IP exclusions and exceptions are supported in this country switcher module

The Importance of Website Photo Galleries on Magento Stores

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Picture is worth then thousand words Picture can deliver the message more easily as compared to Words. People love to see images they love to see message in the form of images. If you are running online store based on Magento Platform. Then you need to show products images to your customers in order to give them more understanding about your Products. To convince people to your products or services most people need to see photos to understand that how actually the product will work for them or it is suitable to their needs. Pictures of products are indirectly source of proving that why you are best and why your products works best for customers. This is why Photo galleries are essential to your website. You need to improve your business and to increase your customers. There are many Magento Photo Gallery Extension for this Purpose you can use them to improve functionally of your website. FME has developed Magento Product image gallery extension for ecommerce stores. This FME module allows you to attach products to images. You can add multiple galleries of images to your products.  There are many features of this module few are below

Photo Gallery Extension Features


  • You can create Multiple Albums
  • You can set different Names to Albums
  • You can upload multiple images at once
  • You can enter text using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Maximum options available as Configurations for handling the Jquery effects
  • There are different option to handle Lightbox

Below are Screen shots of Magento Image gallery


Five New Collections of Magento Themes for Fashion Store in Spring 2014

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The five new collections of Magento templates specially dedicated for fashionable and beautiful items are given below:

Bag Store Theme:

Bag-store is one of the finest Magento fashion template by SupremeTheme from fashion & beauty category of Supreme Theme is ideal to display trendy handbags, purses, shoulder bags etc.


Features Of Bag Store:

  • The core elements contained by bag store skin are banners, product slider, header with cart quick view, search bar, category to recently viewed commodities on product pages and ‘top’ button at the base of each page.
  • Each product page contains tabs, the tabs contains details such as product description, additional information, product tags & reviews in layered format.
  • The commodity-listing page in template contains magnifier slider to view the merchandise clearly along with this multiple product image slider resides under ‘view more’ label.

Ultimate Fashion Theme:

Ultimate fashion is a perfect clothing theme for Magento that is suitable to display apparels like shirts, pants, casual wears, blazers, sweaters, pullover etc.



Features Of Ultimate Fashion:

  • The template is enriched in four major colors i.e. blue, brown, green and mustard.
  • Built-in content management support, promotional banners, tab layout in product listing pages are some of the prominent aspects of ultimate fashion skin.
  • The header segment in homepage contains account information labels like my account, my wishlist, my cart, checkout & login, search bar and language selection option.
  • The footer section of theme contains elements like newsletter signup, store information menu, support menu and connect menu for famous social media links.
  • Each product-listing page contains layout in the format of tabs, the details contained in tabs is titled as product description, product reviews, additional information & product tags.
  • The product page of theme contains zoomer slider to zoom images of product and thumbnail scroller to different poses of commodity.

Elegant Ties Theme:

Elegant ties is a Magento template, it is appropriate for those business owners which are merchandising ties & clothing accessories on their store.


Features Of Elegant Ties:

  • The header portion of skin contains brand logo, login information, shopping cart status, search bar and tabs menu for navigation of rest of pages.
  • The footer section contains newsletter signup textfield, about store, shopping, account and share with us menus.
  • The web elements contained by the homepage of template are sliding banner, featured items slider built in JavaScript technology, top sellers category etc.
  • The product page also consists of tabs titled with product description, additional information, similar products, reviews, & tags along with this they also consists of zoomer & multiple product thumbnails.

Nature First Theme:

Nature first belongs to fashion & beauty Magento template category, the skin is viable for those Ecommerce stores, which deals in cosmetics, makeup and beauty products.



Features Of Nature First:

  • The theme comprise of HTML elements like JQuery banner slider, featured product scroller, small featured products banner slider etc.
  • The header segment comprise of cosmetic product logos, search bar, shopping cart status label, account status label etc.
  • The footer segment of theme retains newsletter signup textfield and it also contains menus like store information, support and connect for famous social media links.
  • The product-listing page consists of magnifier and detailing tabs like product description, additional information, similar products, tags & reviews.

Gallant Shoes Theme:

Gallant shoes is an ideal Magento fashion apparel template that is a perfect choice to promote classy foot wear such as joggers, dress shoes, sprinters for men, women and children of all ages.



Features Of Gallant Shoes:

  • The header section of shoe store skin consists of web technology components like logos, search bar, label of shopping cart status, label of account status etc.
  • The footer of template maintains newsletter signup option and it also contains like quick information, customer help and contact us menus.
  • The skin freely incorporates premium shop by brands plugin and homepage consists of banners, vertical banners, recent products scroller, top brands slider etc.

The product pages consist of product magnifier.

Importance of Press Release in E-Commerce.

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In the era of today with the fast moving technology people are moving towards online sales and purchase. If you are an e-merchant and want to win more customers, than an effective press release is the best way to bring more customers on your site. Press release means a written or recorded communication for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Writing an efficient press release is the best way to get seen online for e-commerce business.

You are in dreaming, if you think that your products will sell automatically. You will have to make efforts and ways to bring more information on your site.  In E-commerce, business news release is very beneficial for increasing sales.  Now it is not difficult to have many features on your site if you are running Magento based store. This platform considered as one of the best online platform because it has lots of extensions. FME provides the best suited module for the purpose of providing more information to your customers. This Magento Press Release Extension is efficient and effective module for e-merchants to provide more information. This plug-in provides you long list of features to add news, portfolio product documents etc. This is beneficial for bringing more site visitors to read your contents. It provides valuable and interesting reading format. This Magento News Module creates a landing page that shows news in a list view with option of Read more link and Social Sharing option. This enables customers to share stories with friends and communities.

Importance of Latest news

You will see clear difference in traffic after the news release in your site, which ultimately increase the sales. By using Advance press release plug in webstore owners enables their customers to search information by entering author name or any text in search field.  E-Merchants can configure the search attributes of their desire.

If e-merchants provide extra information on their sites such information brings more traffic on their sites. When customer reads detailed information and becomes satisfied. Once customers satisfied on your site they become your loyal customer.  This Premium Magento Extension  provides option of uploading files for customers to download like manuals and guides etc. It also supports Avatar and download options are also available in this extension. This helps customers to know more about things and they can easily download guides etc for more knowledge, which ultimately increase sales. By sharing information on social media like facebook, twitter etc. e-merchants can advertise their products. You can add Author bio, image and contact information which lefts good imprecation.

You are an online webstore owner and want to boost up your sales you must provide customers extra information. It’s the need of today because the customers purchase the products after verification.

How You Can Make Your Conversion Points Attractive On Magento Store?

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Promotional campaign is a boundless journey in order to boost revenue and rate of conversions on Magento based store. During such journey sometimes, sometimes we focus on customer testimonials, web-design and engaging offers to attract customers towards our product. Fact is that all there is need of stable business plan that enables your product to emerge as an attractive element in your eStore.

To get maximum sales on Magento eStore you need to identify market which you are targeting and where your product stands in the market. Another thing that you need to identify the location of conversion points and how can we manage them to get optimum sales for Magento store.

Mostly, product pages are known as conversion points here we are suggesting two methods to make your conversion points attractive for maximum conversions

  1. Quick View for Product Marketing:

Magento is an open source Ecommerce solution that retains a valuable feature that enables eStore to extend the desired functionality.  In order increase the visibility of product, you can add quick view pane on homepage of Magento store.

Here we present some of the prominent advantages of having quick view Magento module on homepage.

  • By having quick view, a customer can view key information of product in light-box without going to product pages.
  • The AJAX popup screen has next and previous buttons that enables customers to view multiple products.
  • The popup screen appears when mouse cursor moves over the image of the product with an option to customize the color of popup screen.
  • Owner can customize the image on AJAX screen along with the information, which is to be displayed on screen such as reviews, Add to cart button, add to wish list, price, short description, and next & previous buttons from backend.

2.Attractive Graphics for Highlighting Products:

To magnify your products an attractive graphical images can used. Humans are more attracted towards images rather than textual form of data.

Here we present important points, which should be kept in mind while imaging your products:

  • Emphasize on the important features of the product, which can make you smooth conversion.
  • Both graphic and text has own role to play that is why an image cannot be replacement of a good content. Therefore, use graphics on appropriate place where it is required.
  • Sometimes plain graphics may not be conveying the true purpose; they may require a label to reflect them.
  • The product images and screen shots about their working should be thoroughly showcased on product areas.
  • The important areas of product images should be magnified in order to show guide about product.

We hope that above one of the two ways will definitely work for you in order to make your product more attractive and catchy to get optimum conversions. Check out more Professional Magento Extensions here

Why E-commerce Projects Fail and What to do about it

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You will find that online business has grown very quickly. Most of the people purchase thing online because it saves their time. They can purchase from home or office they don’t have to go market to find the best store for their self to purchase things. We will not discuss about the benefits of online business. We are going to discuss why many online businesses fail.  You will find 90% of all online business fails. Why it happen? We will explain why so many online initiatives fail to achieve their goals?

Lack of Understanding and Knowledge

E Commerce projects fails because leaders don’t have the vast knowledge and understanding of online world. You have to understand the nature of online world in order to be successful otherwise lack of knowledge will lead your online business to failure. Many people choose wrong Platform for their online business, which take down their business.  You have to choose right platform for your online store. Choose the platform that is user friendly and easy to manage. Magento, PrestaShop, and OS Commerce are some of the example.

Two Things to care in online business

You must understand three things that lead you to failure if you don’t give attention to them.

  1. Brick and mortar businesses are visible to all who see it but online businesses are visible if it is ranked on Search engine.
  2. Customers define what he wants and how it looks like. Search engine shows the result based on these keywords. You have to work on the keywords in order to be on the top of Search engine.

Visibility on the Web

Location is still everything not physical location. In the brick store your location is important you must find your store somewhere in large market where large number of peoples come for purchasing products. Studies show same thing matters in online stores. The best location on internet is the top page and top page means first page and the first ten locations. In the world of internet user never go for 2nd page what he requires he get it from the top ranked sites. This is another reason for failure of many online businesses

The Flat Nature of Web

It is fact that anyone can open site and he can become you competitor with very less investment. Online store don’t require a huge amount of space or buildings. Online business fails due to lack of knowledge the leaders don’t know what is the behavior of online users what attracts them and what makes them to leave site. Before starting an online business you must study internet business how online customers shops and how to get the top position on Search engine .

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