How to Use Magento Default Store Extension

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Are you running Magento based Store? Are you selling your products in different regions for your different set of products? You don’t have to create new store for your different set of users. You can create multiple store views for your different users. Let suppose you are selling your products in France and USA. You can create Default store view for French visitor and also for USA visitor. These default store views are pre-defined by admin. This module detects the location of customers and automatically redirects the customers to default store Users can also select default store manually. Below are screenshot of this Magento Default Store Extension which allows you to understand how this Module works.

How it Works


When customers visit your site they will see pop up which allow them to select store view


Customers can choose manually the store view also to select the store view.


Create Unlimited ACL and then add countries and assign them stores. You can set region wise store for your customers.


You can enable automatic country redirect and configure Basic setting


This section allows you to assign countries to ACL.  You can always update this Maxmind Country database.




The Importance of Website Photo Galleries on Magento Stores

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Picture is worth then thousand words Picture can deliver the message more easily as compared to Words. People love to see images they love to see message in the form of images. If you are running online store based on Magento Platform. Then you need to show products images to your customers in order to give them more understanding about your Products. To convince people to your products or services most people need to see photos to understand that how actually the product will work for them or it is suitable to their needs. Pictures of products are indirectly source of proving that why you are best and why your products works best for customers. This is why Photo galleries are essential to your website. You need to improve your business and to increase your customers. There are many Magento Photo Gallery Extension for this Purpose you can use them to improve functionally of your website. FME has developed Magento Product image gallery extension for ecommerce stores. This FME module allows you to attach products to images. You can add multiple galleries of images to your products.  There are many features of this module few are below

Photo Gallery Extension Features


  • You can create Multiple Albums
  • You can set different Names to Albums
  • You can upload multiple images at once
  • You can enter text using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Maximum options available as Configurations for handling the Jquery effects
  • There are different option to handle Lightbox

Below are Screen shots of Magento Image gallery


Importance of E-commerce Registration Page

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In modern era of today E-commerce is developing rapidly. There are plenty of advantages of it and it is very much easy to use business.  If you want to launch an online web-store, than you will have to decide that which features you need. For instance you will choose reliable e-commerce platform and reliable e-commerce solutions. Here we will discuss about “Registration Page” which is one of the most important feature of e-commerce.

The Purpose of e-commerce website is to provide a place where users can buy your products. Registration and Login is place where buyer can access the page anytime from anywhere for purchasing your product. Magento is one of excellent e-commerce platform which provides unlimited fields on customer’s registration and account pages, it support lots of Professional Magento Extensions. By using these extensions you can boost up your sales.

You should provide latest fields to registration and account page, for collecting different types of data from your customers. You can gain better user experiences from this activity. If your business is currently on Magento platform, than Magento Customer Registration Fields Extension allows you to add lots of fields. You can add collect user survey data, file, image, text field, yes/no, radio and check box etc.

The key benefits of Registration page.

  • Registration page saves time to both the seller and buyer. Seller can save the time of opening, entering, and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms. Buyer can sign up from everywhere without having to print, manually fill out and send paper forms.
  • It provides secure way of payment buyer can simply enter their credit card details online to complete their transaction instead of writing cheque or counting cash.
  • You can collect your customer’s interest and measure their experience on your registration page.
  • Registration page provides faster check-out thanks to pre-populated billing information. It provides the ability to check order status and provides track deliveries.
  • It provides joining facility of joining community to leave reviews and options.

Whatever option for registration e-merchant adopts it is important it is important that customers know the benefits of registration clearly.

Trouble-Free Payment Methods

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E-commerce Merchants are always in search of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for serving their customers. There are most popular alternative payments methods like Bill Me Later, PayPal and Google checkout. As everything has something good and bad same like that these APMs also have pros and cons of their own. Today we will discuss about the different Alternative Payments Methods.

There are most Alternative Payments Methods that cover claims, they are very careful to increase these assertions with some hard facts based on actual vendor experiences. For these payments methods case study is very popular marketing tool, because if your company’s business model are similar to any case study then you can test the particular APM. There are many Professional Magento Extensions which have this partial payments functionality.

Types of Alternative Payment Methods

On Credit: APM provides platform for complete sales transactions by offering credit terms to the purchaser. They run totally outside the domain of credit card networks. Under this model they (APM) provide credit and later invoices to consumer for any purchase. One of the most important examples of this kind of payment is Layaway Payments method. This recurring payment method provides web-store owners the facility of providing online payments in installments to their customers. By using this Magento Partial Payments  webstore vendors can setup different payment options for their customers, they can charge layaway service fee, describe number of installments, max time duration etc. customers can track their installments from their account and can also pay the installment amount from their account.

Value Added Propriety Gateways: Value added a proprietary gateway is a platform that acts as intermediaries among the consumer and merchants, who uses standard credit card and Automated Clearing Home (ACH) networks. In this method payments for sales are taken by the Alternative Payments Methods directly from buyer’s credit card. For using it buyer creates an account on APM’s website, when buyer purchase anything the amount is deducted from his checking or credit card account by APM. In case of PayPal deductions are made from checking accounts, while Google checkout charges the buyers credit card.

At the end both the Alternative Payments Method has their primary benefits for their users. For instance PayPal is enjoying the huge market share of more than 150 million users.

How You Can Make Your Conversion Points Attractive On Magento Store?

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Promotional campaign is a boundless journey in order to boost revenue and rate of conversions on Magento based store. During such journey sometimes, sometimes we focus on customer testimonials, web-design and engaging offers to attract customers towards our product. Fact is that all there is need of stable business plan that enables your product to emerge as an attractive element in your eStore.

To get maximum sales on Magento eStore you need to identify market which you are targeting and where your product stands in the market. Another thing that you need to identify the location of conversion points and how can we manage them to get optimum sales for Magento store.

Mostly, product pages are known as conversion points here we are suggesting two methods to make your conversion points attractive for maximum conversions

  1. Quick View for Product Marketing:

Magento is an open source Ecommerce solution that retains a valuable feature that enables eStore to extend the desired functionality.  In order increase the visibility of product, you can add quick view pane on homepage of Magento store.

Here we present some of the prominent advantages of having quick view Magento module on homepage.

  • By having quick view, a customer can view key information of product in light-box without going to product pages.
  • The AJAX popup screen has next and previous buttons that enables customers to view multiple products.
  • The popup screen appears when mouse cursor moves over the image of the product with an option to customize the color of popup screen.
  • Owner can customize the image on AJAX screen along with the information, which is to be displayed on screen such as reviews, Add to cart button, add to wish list, price, short description, and next & previous buttons from backend.

2.Attractive Graphics for Highlighting Products:

To magnify your products an attractive graphical images can used. Humans are more attracted towards images rather than textual form of data.

Here we present important points, which should be kept in mind while imaging your products:

  • Emphasize on the important features of the product, which can make you smooth conversion.
  • Both graphic and text has own role to play that is why an image cannot be replacement of a good content. Therefore, use graphics on appropriate place where it is required.
  • Sometimes plain graphics may not be conveying the true purpose; they may require a label to reflect them.
  • The product images and screen shots about their working should be thoroughly showcased on product areas.
  • The important areas of product images should be magnified in order to show guide about product.

We hope that above one of the two ways will definitely work for you in order to make your product more attractive and catchy to get optimum conversions. Check out more Professional Magento Extensions here

What to know Before Changing Ecommerce Platform

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Changing a platform for your eCommerce business can have many risks and benefits. There are many reasons that lead ecommerce companies to change their business platforms. It may be due to the growth in their business or market condition change. Companies sometime change some components of their platform and some time they prefer to change all platforms. There is great risk in changing platform and it takes too much time and require large amount of investment. Benefit in changing well-executed new platform will make your business more successful and if it is not executed well then it might take your company out of business.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

There are many eCommerce platforms that are widely used all over the world such as Os Commerce, PrestaShop, Cube cart, Big commerce, Magento. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Magento is one of the leading platforms as compared to any other platform. What eCommerce really do will is it provides the technologies to build online storefront. A platform may be Set of component or single component which can be integrate with other platform. What an eCommerce really do is listed below

Content Management

Your eCommerce platform allows you to manage your content like text or photo. It allows you to add information about products and non-related products.

Shopping cart

Your customer can register for purchasing products and they can checkout. In other words, eCommerce platform allows you payment management.

Product management

This component of eCommerce platform allows you to manage your products from backend how you can show your products front view. This section is like product information management system.


This component of eCommerce platform allows you to manage the price of products. Pricing is sometime complex issue for eCommerce platform as there might be Custom pricing for products.

Order Management

This section of eCommerce platform allows you to manage your customers’ orders from receipt to order. In this section, you manage all things that are related issues after purchasing products.

Payment system

This component allows you to have gateway for credit card processing. Companies choose gateway for their payment some accept PayPal and some credit card depends upon stores.

The component I have mentioned above depends upon the size of eCommerce store. The smaller store don’t need to have all section what they really want is how to manage their products pricing and order management as the companies grows they start to utilizing all components.

Why Change Platform

Here are some reasons that cause companies to changes their platforms.

Improve customer experience

Change in platform might be for improve customers experience.


Some platforms don’t support mobile devices may be companies change their platform for Mobile support.

Platform shortcomings

Some time platforms get lack of scalability.


Cost might be another factor for changing the platform. Getting new platform might have more functionality with low cost.

When to Start

Before changing, your platforms you must do proper paper work that why you are changing your platform and how your new platform is beneficial for you. You must analyze all aspects of your current platform. Strength and weaknesses of your company. Take some suggestion and experience from the eMerchants who are using the platform to which you are shifting.


Risk in changing platform might disturb your business if you don’t setup it according to need or it is nor well executed. It can consume your time and money. You will have to pay attention, as Integrations are usually far more complex.

This contribution is made by Simon Walker. He is a professional writer and Extension developer. His best selling extensions is Magento Call for Price Extension is up for sale at FME.

Get Price of Configurable Product options

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Time is changing quickly days are turning into months and months into year, not only time is changing each and everything is getting new shape and new style. The things people were purchasing from brick stores are now purchased by online shops. Hundreds of platforms are there which allows e Merchants to create there online stores such as Magento, PrestaShop, OS commerce and many others. Online shopping is getting popularity day by day. You can find dramatically increase in sales each year and it is increasing year by year. Magento Community provides you goal achieving platform for you online store.  If you are running eCommerce stores then you need to provide a good and user-friendly shopping experience to your customers.

Giving a smooth shopping experience means, you provide them important information about your products and services and allow them to purchase their desired products as quickly as possible. Many products have custom option, if you are selling products like those that blinds or curtain it may have different size and shapes and you can add different sort of things to it then what you have to create too many pages for one product.  Here is solution for that type of E-merchants they can use Advanced Product Options Magento Extension it allows your customers to calculate the price of products for different measurement length.  Below are some screenshots of FMEs Magento product options extension.

Magento Custom Option pricing

cop_extension_admin_panel_dashboard cop_extension_config2 cop_extension_create_option_sets_opt1 cop_extension_create_option_sets_opt2 cop_extension_post_installation

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