Is layaway payments method valuable for online Business Stores?

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Magento Layaway payment extension is a way to purchase an item without paying the entire cost immediately. Magento Partial payment is the mutual understanding between a customer and store owner. It is a mode of payment in which buyer pays payment to store owner in the form of installment. Business store owners will have to be at the top of forecasting in managing inventory to make layaway payments method profitable. For a Magento partial payment module to work, the products must be on hand. Admin has the facility to update installment by using a simple payment method. Layaway payments module regains concentration of retailers at the beginning of new century.

 In Customers Point of View.

Layaway partial Payments plug-in make it possible for customers to pay for the products and services they want. This FME Extension make purchases easier to afford and in budget line for the consumers. It is important for customer to maintain track of their payment history, and to know how much they have to made payments. Payment plans do not charge interest over outstanding balance like credit cards from customers. When a consumer chooses Partial payment plug-in at time of purchase, they set their payment schedule by using layaway payment Calculator.


Store Owners Point of View

FMEs Magento payment Extension gives Store Owners the facility to secure sales even when a consumer has limited credit or cash available at the time of shopping. Orders are easily tracked and predictable giving store owners a true online pre-order system that allows them to manage inventory easier unlike other payment alternatives. Store owners have the facility to configure the extension to restrict or allow customer to pay installments for exact order statuses.Admin can supervise the layaway payment order with a separate panel provided for this. Admin has the facility to update installment by using a simple payment method.


It is concluded after analyzing layaway payments benefits in both customer and store owner point of view that this Magento extension constructs a dynamic influence on the sales .Magento layaway payment module is beneficial for both customers and stores owners. This payment method grapes more customers. Layaway process assists store owners by providing them best practice policies to enhance their sales. Layaway partial payment module provides store owners with a profitable alternative payment option that allows them to increase their market reach.


Magento Advanced Testimonials Extension

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Your web site visitor can become your customers by viewing  testimonials posted by your previous customers. When the visitors will view these reviews that how helpful and proficient this extension was for them. They will definitely purchase that product.  Customer testimonials are key elements that  push your website visitor to become your  customers.This Advance Testimonial  Extension is developed by FME Extension. This module enables your customers to post their reviews about your products . Users can rate and comment on existing reviews.yo u can allow or disallow either register users or guest users to post reviews. Admin approval will be required for posting testimonials. If admin approved  testiominal it will be shown on the front end  of this extension.

This module enables your customers to write reviews about their experience of shopping at your store. This Magento Review Extension is very user friendly. It has very rich back end which enables the admin to manage it easily and effortlessly. Configuration at back end gives complete control to store owners to customize each and every thing they want .For example the “ Add Testimonial” form fields can be added or hidden from the Back End. Admin can modify settings  for the testimonial block as he likes. You can hide or show fields of customers such as their Contact Name, Contact Email, Website,  Contact Photo and their short description. You can add 4 extra fields other than the default fields.

You can also find reviews on Magento Customer Review  at Magento commerce.

Increase your traffic with Photo Gallery Magento Plugins

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While driving you might see sign boards at the corner of streets communicating you about what action you need to take next. Interesting point is that most of these sign boards are just images, use of textual information is very little.  Images can reveal the information which text cannot. By using images you are able to express emotions, ideas which are difficult otherwise.  Similarly if your website does not have high class images in place, the chances are most people would not like to visit it again.  Whether it is a blog, press release or anything else, use of multimedia is vital.


Especially if you are planning to build an eCommerce site, you main goal is to attract more customers and it can’t be achieved without putting multimedia affects in your site.  If you are using Magento as your eCommerce platform you must find out suitable Magento extensions for this purpose.  Let us see one of such plugin that can fill up this gap. Yes we are talking about Photo Gallery and Product Gallery.  See below the features of this module,


  • Create albums to display images in effective manner
  • Completely configurable albums such as name, date, order/position
  • Multi-Store support
  • Assign an album to any product
  • Elegant style which is convenient to to customize with separated HTML/CSS


  • Create configurable custom blocks which are WYSIWYG enabled
  • Use unique identified for blocks
  • Each block can be filled with images
  • JQueary effects
  • Three different themes of JQuery for blocks are provided



  • Customize titles of gallery
  • Custom URLs, SEO URL suffix for the extension
  • Pagination enabled
  • Flexible settings for LightBox configuration

Well the above stated features of Gallery magento module are really beneficial to bring fruitful results. Galleries can be used for many important reasons such as if you want to present your portfolio, artwork, event images etc. It serves great many purposes. It also allows people to stick to a centralized place where they can view all images instead of moving to different pages.

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