How to Use Magento Default Store Extension

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Are you running Magento based Store? Are you selling your products in different regions for your different set of products? You don’t have to create new store for your different set of users. You can create multiple store views for your different users. Let suppose you are selling your products in France and USA. You can create Default store view for French visitor and also for USA visitor. These default store views are pre-defined by admin. This module detects the location of customers and automatically redirects the customers to default store Users can also select default store manually. Below are screenshot of this Magento Default Store Extension which allows you to understand how this Module works.

How it Works


When customers visit your site they will see pop up which allow them to select store view


Customers can choose manually the store view also to select the store view.


Create Unlimited ACL and then add countries and assign them stores. You can set region wise store for your customers.


You can enable automatic country redirect and configure Basic setting


This section allows you to assign countries to ACL.  You can always update this Maxmind Country database.




The Importance of Website Photo Galleries on Magento Stores

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Picture is worth then thousand words Picture can deliver the message more easily as compared to Words. People love to see images they love to see message in the form of images. If you are running online store based on Magento Platform. Then you need to show products images to your customers in order to give them more understanding about your Products. To convince people to your products or services most people need to see photos to understand that how actually the product will work for them or it is suitable to their needs. Pictures of products are indirectly source of proving that why you are best and why your products works best for customers. This is why Photo galleries are essential to your website. You need to improve your business and to increase your customers. There are many Magento Photo Gallery Extension for this Purpose you can use them to improve functionally of your website. FME has developed Magento Product image gallery extension for ecommerce stores. This FME module allows you to attach products to images. You can add multiple galleries of images to your products.  There are many features of this module few are below

Photo Gallery Extension Features


  • You can create Multiple Albums
  • You can set different Names to Albums
  • You can upload multiple images at once
  • You can enter text using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Maximum options available as Configurations for handling the Jquery effects
  • There are different option to handle Lightbox

Below are Screen shots of Magento Image gallery


How Can You Sale Your Complex Products with Additional Information?

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In E-commerce there are lots of products which are complex to sale, for this purpose you try special methods of increasing your sales. For instance you try to add instructions, compliance certificates, etc with products for the purpose of increasing value of your products. You try to provide as much as possible facilities to your customers. Visitors always focus on useful information if they find it on your site it takes one more step near to make them your customers.

Today our topic of discussion is how you can make your site more effective and how can you increase your complex sales by adding additional information with your product. For Instant FME provides Magento Product Attachments Extension which allows you to upload your PDF, word, Excel etc files with your products and CMS. This Magento extension enables you to have multiple files of multiple types with each product/CMS. It also provides the facility of download counter option and customer segmentation option. You can also allow your customers for download with/without login.

Key Features of Product Attachment Extension

  • It shows icon against each file type, according to file type each file will have a separate Icon like PDF, Excel etc.
  • You can track the number of downloads which shows your performance
  • You can allow or disallow the access to specific files for non-registered visitors.
  • You will be able to grant access to files for specified customer group.
  • Video can be uploaded with products.
  • It provides separate landing page for all the uploaded files.
  • It provides custom file description which allows you to add description of product so that customer can recognize that what they will get after download.

By taking the benefits of above features you can enhance your sales by providing additional information to your customers. If you are using Magento platform there are hundreds of tools (products and themes) are available on FMEExtensions site. By using these FMEs Magento extensions you can achieve your goal of increasing your sales.

How to set up your First Magento Store

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Magento is one of the world most popular platforms for online business and especially for eCommerce sites. Developers love it because it is an open source they can customize it according to their hearts content. Magento platform is widely used by all type of business either it is small, large or medium. this platform is suitable for all. There are leading brand including The North Face, Nike, Lindt, Sierra Nevada and Pentel who use Magento platform for their business. There are more than 20,000 users of Magento. In this article, we are going to discuss how you will set up your First Magento Store.

Sign up to Magento Go

Magento extensions

Just open the Magneto website and you will find hundred of things to look at like success stories, details about the company and  you will find mostly things that would relate to Developers so don’t worry if you are confused form it.

Start your free Trial

Magento extenisons

On the top of Magneto site, you will find GO button. Click on it and it will take you to the home page. Magento go will allow you to have 30 days free trial period and you will have full functional store along without demanding your credit card and any other personal information.

Name your Store

Magento Module

After doing all process, you would have to select the name of your store. If you don’t find perfect name for your store don’t worry you can change it later. Completing this step will take you to the next step and you have to fill out your all business details there. You have to enter your Name, Phone number, User name and password. You have to enter strong password, as it must contain at least one capital and special character, in the end you have to click on Create My Store.

Wait for an email

Magneto Media Gallery

You have completed all steps for creating the Magento based online store. It will take few minutes to Magneto to setup your store after they set up your Store for first use they will send you an email. Email will contain URL upon click you will have access to your store.

Store Admin

Magento extensions

You are now in Admin section where you can customize your store. You have the authority how to customize it and how you want to show your store to your audience. There are many extensions for this designing purpose. You can make your  store user friendly. You can have many extensions such as Magento FAQ, customer review, Magento Product Video Extension and many more modules. You can utilize these and all other extensions to get good result for your Store.




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Benefits of eCommerce Magento Based Online stores

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The term eCommerce refer to the industry where people purchase or sale things online. In other words, customers purchase things online sitting in home or offices with a just mouse click.  If you want to purchase anything, you don’t have to go market for purchasing that thing. If you have access to internet, you can browse through your favorite online store and then you can purchase it.  There are many eCommerce platform on which you can built your eCommerce store, but you will find Magento one of the best platforms among all other eCommerce platforms. It allows you to customize your Magento Store with its many Premium Magento Extensions. You can make your eCommerce store one of best through using Magento platform. In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of online stores. Some of the common applications related to eCommerce are below

  • Automated online Assistance
  • Newsgroups
  • Electronic Tickets
  • Online Banking
  • Online Shopping

Internet has created ease in the human life. Online shopping Is one example of it you can purchase things online you don’t have to worry about where to park your vehicle, no need of roaming for hours in market in search of your desire products. Below are some advantages of eCommerce.  You can shop without getting out from your home. It saves your priceless time of customers.

Advantages of Magento Based- Online stores

Below are some advantages of Magento based online stores

User Friendly

Magento extensions have many features, which make your store user friendly from both sides back end and front end. You can manage it very easily from backend with no extra efforts. You can make front side of your store more attractive from backend by using many Magento extensions.

Large Community – Magento Developers

If you are running your online store on Magento and you need any assistance then you will find a large community of Magento developers that are available for you to help you in any trouble this one feature of large community makes unique Magento from all other eCommerce platforms. Although other platform also have community but Magento is used widely over the world

Magento Extensions for Online Stores

Magento based online stores can take benefit from many Magento Extensions they can purchase many extensions for their eCommerce Stores depending upon their needs and products they sell. Magento extensions allow you to customize your online store and make it unique for your customers. You can find many Top Magento Extensions On Magento Commerce

Advantages of eCommerce Stores

Below are few advantages of eCommerce stores.

Home Delivery of Products

There is always competition in every department of life, when it comes to selling products you will always find many competitors for yourself.  E merchants will provide many facilities to attract the attention of there customers. One of the benefits of online store is that many stores provide home delivery service it means now you do not have to go to the physical shop to receive it.

No Geographical Limitation

E-Commerce stores have enabled customers to purchase things that are not available in their country.  Online stores have almost ended the geographical limitation.

Special Offers on Products

One advantage of online shops is that you will find many discount packages on different products. This is due to that there are many online stores that sales same products and every store owners wants to be the best and unique. They offer their customers different packages to purchase their products. This make customer happy and they purchase the products from the store that provides special different offers.



Importance of Photo Gallery – Magento Based Online Stores

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In today’s fast world most of people spend their time using the internet to find their desired things and they get it with a mouse click.  Internet enabled you to purchase things online through online stores, there are hundreds of online stores, which provide the products you need. In this competition, you need to be unique because hundreds of stores are selling the same things. Only those can get success who presents their products in unique ways. For internet users switching a store is not a problem if they didn’t like your store they will close it within seconds. If your products  provide the service which your customers needs but he didn’t find that functionality in your product description or you have created a long list of features of your products and your site visitors were tired to read it. What they will do? They will defiantly leave your store.

The competition is getting bigger and bigger and you have to show your product presence in the world of Magento based online store. Your online store can become one of the best Magento store. You can present your products in the forms of images. An image is worth then thousand of words. It will take less time to read your products and will save the time of your customers. People usually love to watch things rather than to read.

Make Product more Interesting – Quality images

Use of quality images can make your post interesting. Online user prefers to read the content of a site when they find quality pictures in your Magento store. If you use images of low quality your site visitors will not like to read the rest of the story. Use relevant images to your products as it gives more clarity to texts. Images gives ideas to users that what the text would be. Don’t use any type of photo on your product page use only relevant images.  The Magento platform provides you many features to enhance your store for this purpose you can use the Magento image Gallery extension.

Creates a break from reading – Product images

There are online users who understand the products by images. They get ideas from product images as it has those features which they need or not. You must provide an image gallery of your products which fully describes their features and functionality of your products. The images closely related to your texts they will be able to get what you want to convey and what your products are about. 

Online stores is all about how to attract your site visitors.  The Magento platform provides you many extensions for this purpose through which you can attract your site visitors to your products and you can make them believe in your products that are made to fill their desired needs hence by using Magento Extensions you can create  a customizable store.

Value of Product Videos in- Magento Based eCommerce Store

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You can search or  purchase online  your desired products on Magento based eCommerce store. Online store allows you to search for your products while sitting at home or office.  There are many advantages of online stores as we all know such as saves your precious time, don’t need to go to shop, and purchase it from home. There is only one downside of any  online stores that is either of Magento based or any other platforms that consumers are not able to touch and feel a product before they make the purchase. Once they get it in their hand there may be a problem with a product. It may not fit  correctly, to overcome this drawback in any online store you can use product videos to show your products in action and you can highlight features of your products and it allows you to get the attention of your customers. You can get many Premium Magento extensions for your online store.

Types of Product Videos

There are many types of product videos. You can show the features of your products. You can show the process  of how the product is made etc.  The purpose of any product video is to gain the attention of your customers and make them believe that this product fill their needs. Your product videos save users time as they will not read the description they will be able to visualize all features in the form of videos you can show them how this product work? How to use it?

Video testimonials are another good way to show the quality of your products. You can take video testimonials from your  existing customers. This will push your new customers to believe in your products and services. You can use your Products photos to create product video. You just need to put some features in the form of images about your product and then you can create your product videos. You can use Magento Videos Extension for creating product videos in your eCommerce store.

How to Create an Excellent- Product Video

If you want to create an excellent  product video. If you are not a professional its not a big problem. You just need to keep some points in your mind when you are creating a product videos doing this you will be able to create  a quality product videos. Below are some points which must be in your mind to create an effective product video.

  • Don’t create long video. Your product videos must be short and informative.
  • Use quality images if you are creating videos from your product images
  • Everything should be clearly visible and readable in your product videos
  • Planning is the most important thing when you are making your product videos. You must write each and everything you want to share it with your customers make notes so you don’t forget key features or items to share.
  • Practice makes perfect  create your product videos again and again to get the best one.
  • Your product video should be all about showing off the product.

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