A Brief Overview About Flat Designs

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The idea behind using flat design is to make usable and simple interfaces, which are artistically captivating & comprehensible from functionality point of view apart from where these flat design-containing page & applications are showcased. For that reason, a flat design lays great influence on the experience of user as well as performance of Magento store.

Nowadays a flat design is implemented on several operating systems like Windows 8, Apple IOS 7, Ecommerce platforms like Magento, Media Temple, Shopify and several new mobile apps are using them.

Flat Design Usage In Smartphones:


Over the time internet is keep on changing, in year 2013 it was mentioned in Pew Internet and American Life report that more than fifty percent of American youth are Smartphone users. Another source comScore says that in August 2013 around one forty five million American were the users of SmartPhones. Another statistics in Pew report released in June 2013 says that more than one third of United States youngsters own tablet device.

The use of internet on mobile emphasize towards the layout of particular application & Ecommerce stores that has minimum loading time of pages, comprehensible navigation of pages along with presentable frontends that work fine all resolutions of screens, a flat design contains all these aspects.

Understandable Compact Interface:


In order to bring compactness, a flat design does not undergo the brilliance of textures, visual appeal and gradients in its layout. Such patterns may reflect the current trend in the world of web design, in which designs of web pages are fabricated in accordance with real time scenarios.

For example, the frontend of Redstair Gear Compressor implements its devices in the web technology by making interface usable like real world audio controller. In fact, there are issues affecting such kind of hyper realistic design because page load of such interface consumes some time as well as it requires some support files in order to function in proper manner. It is difficult to deploy such style design on responsive layout for mobile devices so high level of designer expertise requires to be executed in the interface.

A flat design seconds such kind of design that a user does not require guidance in using a real world objects. Especially in case of brand of digital devices mentioned above, moreover responsiveness & robust load time can be achieved through flat designs.

A flat designer considers only those elements, which are capable to deliver application/page message. It can be understood in another manner that a flat design should be appeared to user in such a way that he could understand the essence of message attempted to convey.

Grid Layout & Responsive Factor:

Grid layouts are the binding element of the design of the user end as it translates the meaning that is to be delivered and helps in organizing the data efficiently. A grid design deals with a responsive layout as single grid reallocates to new columns & rows. There is no surety about the success of design when interface comprise of grid view, it is very basic to flat design and it provides fine basis for flat design.

Unambiguousness – Lacking Trickery:

As it is declared earlier, a flat design does not undergo the brilliance of textures, visual appeal and gradients in its layout that is lead to visual trickery. The purpose behind the fabrication of such design is to achieve fascinating and efficient layout that does not allows wastage of graphics.

Flat designers evade content sliders, fly-out menus and such kind of navigational layouts that can be easily operated from a touch-screen gadget.

Wide Range Of Colors:


Flat design undertakes huge range of color palette, which is widely used in fashion themes for Magento oriented web store that also uses solid infrequent colors. The old patterns of flat design used encompass dull & repetitive colors by the implementation of bright and vibrant colors innovation in the design was revolutionized.

Colors also makes distinguishing element between different segments that separates visual fronts so information could be easily delivered. For example a mobile weather application different colors schemes to represent hot and cold weather i.e. orange & blue respectively.

Dynamic jewelry themes in April 2014

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Keeping the tradition of Supreme Theme that is why we are presenting fine collection of highly capable Magento themes at the beginning of spring 2014, which are specially fabricated to showcase decorative jewelry and ornaments.

Below we are suggesting some of the finest compilation of Magento themes from jewelry and watches category because we strongly believe that our presentations can really lay positive impression on your ornamental business.

ST Jewelry Square Magento Theme:

Square Jewelry theme belongs to Magento Ecommerce platform, the template is ideal for those storeowners, which want to sale Jewelries like necklaces, bracelets, rings, trinkets and several other ornaments through their web domain.

Key features:

The prominent features of Magento Square Jewelry skin:

  • The theme comprise of elements like banners, image sliders,featured products, exclusive products, horizontal recent product slider, newsletter signup, product image magnifier etc.
  • The installation as well as setting deployment of template is very simple and easy.
  • The background color of theme can be adjusted gray, blue, brown and pink colors.
  • The search bar in header is uniquely fashioned; the search bar appears as mouse hovers over search icon.
  • The skin freely incorporates our premium Magento extension ‘Shop by Manufacturers’ so that famous brand manufacturers are available to brand conscious clients.

ST Jewelry Store Magento Theme:

Jewelry store is a Magento jewelry template, which is another presentation of Supreme Theme. The skin is suitable for those web-shops deal in jewelry, ornaments and other decorative items.

Key features:

The prominent features of Jewelry store theme:

  • The j Query category slider, Banner slider & most recent are some of the element, which reside on the homepage for sake of promotion of new arrivals.
  • The header segment at homepage consists of social links of famous medias, store searching bar and menus in order to provide precise navigation experience to customers.
  • The installation and management of template is quite simple and easy.
  • The banners and slider are placed in respective manner on the facing front of homepage.
  • The header contains Combo-box that allows selection of desired language.
  • The theme supports blue, green, purple and gray background colors.
  • Header efficiently displays status of shopping cart so that customers could know what they are having in their shopping trolley.
  • The template has free integration of ‘shop by brands’ Magento extension, which is only available under premium license.

Best Magento Fashion Themes In Spring 2014

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Theme is the most presentable item of any website whether it is for personal use or commercial purpose; it can bring life to all kind of websites. Keeping promotional requirements of every fashion oriented web-shop in mind; Supreme Theme is presenting one of its best compositions of beauty themes, which can definitely suit your fashion apparel store.


The stylish bag store Magento template is appropriate for those online stores, which want to highlight apparels such as purse, bags and other hand a carrying stuff for fashion conscious women.


Ultimate fashion theme is one of the best Magento fashion themes that can increase the presenting ability of fashionable clothing brands for gents likewise pants, shirts, modern dressing suits etc.



Elegant Ties is another fine presentation of Supreme theme, it suitable for those stores, which want to showcase accessories like ties and clothing items.


Nature first is a beautiful skin that will be perfect choice to promote the beauty cosmetics of your online store by creating fascination to those customers, which have appeal for modern beauty products.


Gallant shoes is a fine theme for those online shops that specializes in displaying foot wearing stuff such as casual shoes, joggers, dress shoes, slippers etc.


Beauty store template is another belonging of fashion category of Supreme theme; the skin can be ideal choice to endorse beauty cosmetics, which are in daily use by fashion loving women.


Style row apparel is appropriate for those estores, which want to sale casual clothing materials such as trousers, body warmers, shorts, footwear etc.


Apparel shop theme is beneficial to those online stores, which want to showcase new arrivals of clothing stuff such as T-shirts, sweaters, sleeveless shirts, pants etc.


Fashion store  is another fine theme that can market your most wanted & trendy accessories for men, women and children such as technology stuff, clothing, shoes etc.  Check out More Premium Magento Themes


Some Useful Features Of Online Booking System:

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Few years back there was time when reservations of flight and hotel room booking was not an easy task for a client because whole procedure was manually handled by managing authority. Later on with the advancement of technology, all kind of reservations could be made through several Ecommerce frameworks like Magento, PrestaShop etc. If internet connection is available to him along with sufficient amount in bankcard then user can easily confirm booking in few minutes.
The commerce hosted by Magento not only enables a client to shop online but also allows him to make reservations by using FMEs Magento modules. The plugin support is capable to provide hassle free reservation mechanism to a consumer that saves his time as well as money with a single click. The online system can be deployed for all kind of bookable commodities and services such as event reservation, doctor’s appointment, hotel booking, ticket reservation etc.
Useful Features Magento Reservation Extension:
Preservation Of Time & Costs:
Online booking system can automatically check availability of booking on intended time and it can provide instant reservation upon availability of empty slot. Such way can prevents wastage of time and resources consumed during waiting for follow-up of emails and travelling for sake of bookings. Thus, mechanism reduces the errors and delays caused by manual involvement, which is the main cause for the preservation of time and cost.
Easy Deployment Of Changes:
It is mentioned above the booking system has no manual involvement, so all the changes and updates on the web store does not require technical expertise of administrator. The self-managing capability of system provides the automatic error free management for a non-technical person.
Elimination Of Moderation:
Magento reservation system does not require payment of commission in order to confirm booking because it does not involve mediation of third person. The reason behind not involvement of moderator is that checking and booking of reservation entirely takes place between service availing person and provider. In this way, a consumer can save his expenses by not paying to any coordinating authority or person.
Better Stability & Performance:
The reservation methodology is stable enough to handle queries from multiple clients; it can perform well during the peak periods of service utilization. The system can provide swift booking service for any kind of traffic loads.
Makes Lead Against Other Contenders:
By the advancement of technology, Ecommerce platforms other than Magento are also offering electronic reservation system for online stores but Magento commerce can make the experience different from other platform by providing community based solutions. Thus, it is the basic reason behind the success of Magento hosting website.

How Important to Know Consumer’s Search Behavior for Webstore Owners.

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It has become a trend now most of buyers search their needs online. They may want particular items, compare a product or compare prices for similar choices. Taking these previous points in mind e-merchants want better site design or product promotion decisions.
It is difficult to categorize the online consumers search behavior. There are many researchers that have tried to identify it, but they have gathered the data. By using that data e-merchants may be able to make good decisions. Here are the few important consumers search behaviors related to e-merchants. By following these consumers search behavior e-merchants can understand the basics of consumer behavior.
Locate – Searching on The web:
The most common form of consumer search is locating search behavior for finding a known product. For example a customer wants to buy shoes. May be he does not know the details of shoes, but he knows that the common products exist on site and he also knows the size that he wants. The search task in this case will most likely include precise queries conducted on search engines or on a webstore owner’s own site search.

Sometimes the customers want to verify that a specific product or item meets there specification or not. In this case buyers may be familiar with subject of search but want to know and understand properly about that item. The most important thing is that, verifying shoppers always search for important specifications that must be in your product’s description. The e-merchants who place the most commonly verified specifications in headlines or top of the page, they help the customers to perform better for these types of searches.

There is the solution of these above search problems for those e-merchants who are using Magento based online stores. The Quick View Magento Extension enables customers to quickly view product information. The visitors can view product information in a lightbox instead of jumping to product page. This Product Ajax View Module generates popup window, the buyers can navigate to next and previous products with the help of next and previous buttons.
The every product that is offered online is not spontaneous. In fact, most of buyers especially a buyer making a relatively expensive purchase will visit more than one site before making a buying decision. Buyers also checks prices for major purchase. This kind of consumer behavior is referred to as monitoring. The aim of this behavior is to stay aware of products developments.
There are buyers who are exploring for new products, new categories etc. According to Russell-Rose and Marki (Researchers of London), “the site should help the explorer wonder, and provide markers showing where the shopper has been so that he is not backtracking or getting board”.


Importance of Press Release in E-Commerce.

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In the era of today with the fast moving technology people are moving towards online sales and purchase. If you are an e-merchant and want to win more customers, than an effective press release is the best way to bring more customers on your site. Press release means a written or recorded communication for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Writing an efficient press release is the best way to get seen online for e-commerce business.

You are in dreaming, if you think that your products will sell automatically. You will have to make efforts and ways to bring more information on your site.  In E-commerce, business news release is very beneficial for increasing sales.  Now it is not difficult to have many features on your site if you are running Magento based store. This platform considered as one of the best online platform because it has lots of extensions. FME provides the best suited module for the purpose of providing more information to your customers. This Magento Press Release Extension is efficient and effective module for e-merchants to provide more information. This plug-in provides you long list of features to add news, portfolio product documents etc. This is beneficial for bringing more site visitors to read your contents. It provides valuable and interesting reading format. This Magento News Module creates a landing page that shows news in a list view with option of Read more link and Social Sharing option. This enables customers to share stories with friends and communities.

Importance of Latest news

You will see clear difference in traffic after the news release in your site, which ultimately increase the sales. By using Advance press release plug in webstore owners enables their customers to search information by entering author name or any text in search field.  E-Merchants can configure the search attributes of their desire.

If e-merchants provide extra information on their sites such information brings more traffic on their sites. When customer reads detailed information and becomes satisfied. Once customers satisfied on your site they become your loyal customer.  This Premium Magento Extension  provides option of uploading files for customers to download like manuals and guides etc. It also supports Avatar and download options are also available in this extension. This helps customers to know more about things and they can easily download guides etc for more knowledge, which ultimately increase sales. By sharing information on social media like facebook, twitter etc. e-merchants can advertise their products. You can add Author bio, image and contact information which lefts good imprecation.

You are an online webstore owner and want to boost up your sales you must provide customers extra information. It’s the need of today because the customers purchase the products after verification.

Are Layaway Payments Advantageous For Magento Users?

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Layaway is the mutual understanding between a client as well as seller. It is a way of payment in which purchaser pays payment to merchant in the form of installment, and purchased commodity is not handed over to customer until he pays all the installments. The time duration of payment is adjustable by buyer in which he has to complete all the installments. If purchaser remains unable to complete the installments then after the deduction of few charges his deposited amount is returned to him along with this the purchased product remains in the acquisition of owner.

Layaway payment plans were in fact launched during the twentieth century, when great depression shattered the economies of the world, it was due to the reason that sellers were selling commodities to those purchasers, which were deficient in purchasing power. From that era such concept was launched, if consumer is unable to buy a commodity then retailer can let consumer have that product after some amount of down payment with assurance of paying rest of the payments. In addition, a purchaser can acquire the item after completing the timely fashioned payments.

After the success of credit card shopping, majority of the retailers suspended layaway payment plans because they can have great deal of profit margins through store branded credit cards. Layaway payments regained attention of retailers at the beginning of new century, when buyers were once again reluctant about purchasing a commodity because they perceive that it can bring more customers back to them. With the inception of online commerce, some owners also offered Magento layaway payment plans.

Layaway shopping is beneficial for both consumer as well as seller, because Ecommerce hosted by Magento framework is flexible enough to handle layaway shopping through professional Magento extensions. Like everything, a Magento partial payments plan also has both positive and negative aspects, so here we are bulleting some positive attributes:

Positive Attributes Of Layaway Payments:

  • A layaway plan does not undergo interest over outstanding balance like credit cards.
  • Credit worthiness is not the requirement to avail the recurring payment program on Magento store.
  • There is no chance of facing out of stock problem of commodity after getting financial capability.
  • Debt is not incremented on the credit card, as it does not involve daily charges.
  • A layaway plan can also serve as conventional payment plan.

Negative Attributes Of Layaway Payments:

  • The partial payments program is not offered on all the items available on the shop i.e. foodstuff, computers etc.
  • Some retailers also charge additional amount apart from down payment, if these charges are not paid then it may suffer the pattern of installments.
  • A Magento recurring payments also involves replenishing charges in case alteration of commodity.
  • The payment program is likely to be aborted, in case of bankruptcy of both seller & retailer.

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